Aftersales Q&A - Car Service

How long does a car service take?

How long does a car service take? If I bring my car in first thing will it be ready for collection on my lunch hour?


Answer from the Stoneacre aftersales team:

Hi Jenny, thanks for your question.

The length of time it takes to service a car depends on the service being carried out on the car and whether or not any problems are found which require additional work.

Typically, a car service should take no longer than three hours to complete. Of course, an interim service will take less time to complete than a full service. A major service will take longer than both.

However, if you bring your car in when the service centre opens, we should be able to have your car ready to collect at lunchtime. We'll call you to let you know when it's ready for you.

Hope this has helped, Jenny. We look forward to seeing you when you book a car service.