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Volvo is a Swedish automotive manufacturer, well-known for producing luxury range models and elegant SUVs. They have built their reputation on impressive quality, performance and safety, having pioneered innovation for vehicle safety over the last 100 years. In fact, three-point seat belts, rear-facing child seats and emergency braking systems are all safety features originally designed by Volvo.

At Stoneacre, we understand the importance of driving a car that suits your requirements. This is why we work alongside Motability to bring you a scheme that provides new Volvo cars on Motability. Our Volvo lease deal is a great opportunity for those less able to drive a car. Whether you are looking on behalf of someone else, or yourself, our Volvo Motability cars with tailored adaptations are a perfect choice for those that need a new mobility car.

Our Volvo mobility cars at Stoneacre are available with over 500 mobility adaptations, some of which can be fitted at no extra cost.

Volvo XC40 Recharge Motability

Volvo Motability Cars 2021

Our Volvo Motability deals update each quarter. This means that a new set of Motability Volvo cars are available on each refresh. As well as our range of Volvo Motability deals, we also have a range of new hybrid / electric vehicles as well.

Volvo Motability cars available right now include the Volvo XC40 SUV and XC40 Recharge PHEV. The XC40 is a compact model in Volvo’s SUV lineup and is an extremely smart car with a dynamic profile and luxury stylings, inside and out. It is equipped with Volvo’s next-generation safety features like semi-autonomous lane assist and blind-spot awareness.

All Volvo cars on Motability can be fitted with adaptations to the access, stowage, seating, and driving controls of the vehicle. This helps improve the use and practicality of the car for disabled drivers and passengers. Mobility cars Volvo provide have adaptations like hand-operated pedals and mechanical hoists which can be fitted to the Volvo XC40 to help with driving the car and loading the boot. For further information on vehicle adaptations for your Volvo Motability car, read our FAQ page - 'What adaptations are available for my car?'.

Volvo Motability Deals & Offers

Our Motability Volvo cars are available with the latest Volvo Motability deals. We have Volvo Motability offers on the latest XC40 models, including Nil deposit payments and low Advance payments. To see the latest Volvo Motability prices, see our Volvo Motability Price List 2021.

If you're looking for a new Volvo on Motability, then the excellent range of Motability cars Volvo provide at Stoneacre are just outstanding. Our Motability specialists, at Stoneacre dealerships across England, can help you find the perfect Volvo Motability car to suit your needs. Contact us today or visit your local Volvo dealership to find out more.