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What is an air conditioning bacterial clean?

Over time your car's air conditioning system collects moisture and particles of dust that can cause the build up of bacteria. This can create unpleasant odours from your air conditioning, reduce the air quality of your car, and potentially aggravate allergies like hay fever or asthma.

Our air conditioning bacterial clean is able to sanitise and clean your air conditioning system without removing any parts. We use a specialised anti-bacterial aerosol that can circulate through the system to clean away deposits of bacteria on the evaporator and pollen filters.

This sanitises parts the filters and evaporators in your air conditioning system to improve the freshness and cleanliness of air in your car. It will removes unpleasant smell caused by the build up bacteria as well as help prevent the onset of allergies caused by polluted and unclean air.

  • How often should I cleanse my air conditioning system?

    Air conditioning system is used all year round: to demist your windscreen in winter and to cool you down in the summer. We recommend your service your air conditioning system as regularly as your car. Every 12 months your car should receive an air conditioning anti-bacterial cleanse to remove deposits of dirt and bacteria. We also recommend an annual air conditioning service, which includes a bacterial cleanses along with an air conditioning re-gas and a 32 point vehicle health check.

  • Why do I need to clean my air conditioning system?
    • Improve air quality in your car
    • Maintain the cleanliness of your car
    • Clean filters and evaporators
    • Remove bad smells coming from your air conditioning system
    • Prevent the build up of moisture and dirt
    • Help prevent the onset of allergies
    • Prevent damage to air conditioning parts
  • How long does an air conditioning bacterial cleanse take?

    An air conditioning bacterial cleanse is a straightforward procedure that will take around 45 minutes to complete. You choose to have your bacterial cleanse completed with your car service or with an air conditioning service.

  • Where can I get an air conditioning bacterial cleanse?

    You can book an air conditioning bacterial cleanse at every Stoneacre garage in England and Wales. Since 2010 only an ATA accredited garage is authorised to service air conditioning systems, so booking your car in with Stoneacre means your service treatment will be carried out at an accredited location by our vehicle technicians to guarantee an expert level of service and vehicle care.

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