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Suzuki Vitara on Motability

About Suzuki Motability

Suzuki is a Japanese car manufacturer known for producing rugged all-terrain vehicles, as well as engines for motorcycles and speed boats. Theirs is a reputation for engineering adventure and at Stoneacre we stock a whole range of new and used models. Suzuki's line-up in the Suzuki Motability range offers a fantastic choice of cars that shows how versatile its brand can be.

We aim to make Motability as accessible as possible. This is why we offer Suzuki mobility cars to customers on a mobility allowance or to drivers who are already Motability customers. If you are searching for a Suzuki on Motability, our range of cars is perfectly adaptable to you. You can opt into our 3-year lease deal and get the freedom of motoring without the extra hassle of owning a car. Many costs are included, as our Motability lease deal covers insurance, repairs and maintenance, servicing, breakdown cover, roadside assistance and more! Not only this, but we offer many different mobility car adaptations, some of which can be made free of charge.

Suzuki Swift on Motability

Suzuki Motability Cars

Suzuki Motability cars available on the scheme include the Suzuki Swift, Ignis and Vitara. Suzuki understands that its customers have varying driver requirements, this is why its Suzuki Motability offers such a versatile lineup.

The best-selling Suzuki Swift is a family car that’s economical to drive with a dynamic appeal. There is also the Ignis hatchback, a rugged SUV-inspired car, in compact form.

If you require the performance and capacity of an SUV, then these Japanese manufacturers include Suzuki crossover Motability through their models, the Vitara and S-Cross. Vitara is Suzuki’s stylish family SUV and the SX4 S-Cross is the alternative trailblazer with all-wheel off-road capabilities and an aggressive profile. Not only are these Suzuki crossover SUVs distinct, but they also offer a robust amount of safety features installed as standard. These include multiple front/passenger airbags, power-assisted steering, ESP and hill hold control.

Suzuki Ignis on Motability

Suzuki Motability at Stoneacre

From just one manufacturer, you can choose from a range of cars available on Suzuki Motability in 2021. All new models have adaptations available for access, stowage, seating and driving controls, so you don’t have to compromise on preference when buying a new Suzuki Motability car.

We also offer options for both Suzuki Motability automatic cars and manual Suzuki Motability cars, so we've got you covered for every transmission type too.

For further information on Motability Suzuki cars, visit us at your nearest Suzuki showroom to discuss with us your needs and preferences. Our Motability specialists are trained to deliver award-winning service and to find the Suzuki that suits both your driving style and mobility needs. We even offer some car adaptations for free with our service, so make sure to enquire about what car adaptations you can benefit from.

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We have the latest Suzuki Motability offers, including Nil deposit options and Suzuki Motability Advance payments. For the latest Suzuki Motability prices and offers see our Suzuki Motability Price List 2021.

If you're looking to buy a Motability car from us and have questions about your eligibility, browse our FAQ page where we answer your common Motability questions about the scheme and Motability cars. You can also speak with us in person. Visit your local Suzuki showroom and browse our range of Suzuki Motability cars with the personal help of our specialists.