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About Dacia Motability

Dacia is a relatively new car brand in the UK but has quickly made a reputation by manufacturing affordable and reliable models. Their Dacia Duster compact crossover is WhatCar's? Best Family SUV for Value 2021, making it one of Britain's most affordable cars in its class.

Through Dacia Motability, you can lease one of their award-winning models using your mobility allowances. Motability gives you all the benefits of driving a Dacia without the hassle of ownership, helping you save money whilst enjoying true motoring freedom with your Dacia Motability car.

As with all Motability cars, when you lease a Dacia Motability car through the scheme, you'll be able to adapt the vehicle with any necessary mobility adaptations (before delivery and collection). Doing this will help improve the utility of certain cars so you aren't limited to the car you can choose.

Dacia Motability Car

Dacia Motability Cars

Every quarter, Dacia will renew their Motability range, which means a different choice of Dacia Motability cars will be available to Motability customers. Dacia Motability cars are available for lease with special terms arranged with Dacia and the Motability scheme to make it more affordable for you.

You can use your mobility allowances to lease a Dacia Motability car at Stoneacre. If your allowances cover the cost of your vehicle, you won't need to pay anything upfront. However, if your mobility allowances don't cover the costs, you may be required to pay an advance payment. Advance payments are simple one-off payments made when you order your Dacia Motability car.

Need help finding the right Dacia Motability car? Our specialists are available seven days a week at our Dacia showrooms. We can help look through the latest Dacia Motability offers and find one that's right for you. So if you're looking for a hatchback or a crossover SUV, our range of Dacia Motability cars will cover your requirements.

Dacia Duster on Motability

Dacia Motability at Stoneacre

Stoneacre is the leading Motability dealer in the North of England, providing award-winning customer service and support to Motability customers to looking lease a car.

All Dacia cars at Stoneacre are available with the latest Dacia Motability offers. You order your vehicle through us; we help process the order and make a claim to Motability on your behalf.

We understand that Dacia Motability is vital for our customers. That's why we have Dacia Motability specialists in our teams. You know you're in good hands, and our specialists will be able to answer any questions you have about Dacia Motability cars and what's right for you.

We'll also arrange to make any mobility adaptations before delivery and collection, so you'll be ready to go as soon as you receive it. For any questions regarding Dacia Motability, contact us directly online or over the phone to speak with our Motability specialists about your options on the scheme.

Dacia Motability Deals & Offers

Our Dacia Motability car specialists can help you find a model that fits your needs perfectly. We'll work alongside your chosen Motability installer to ensure your Dacia mobility requirements are met. Available adaptations can be made to seating, storage and driving controls - plus, many of these adaptations can be made free of charge!

Alongside your Dacia Motability car lease, we also include insurance, RAC breakdown cover, roadside assistance, a wear and tear policy, plus routine servicing and maintenance costs. This means you can spend more time enjoying your car and less time worrying about extra expenses. Find a Dacia Motability dealer and talk through your specific requirements today.