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Motability Adaptations

Find out how you can have your vehicle meet all requirements

  • Over 70 no-cost aids
  • Choose from a multitude of options
  • All ordered through your dealer

Getting your car equipped

While many cars can support the needs of many Motability drivers or passengers, there are occasions where a more comprehensive approach is required to ensure the occupants have the essentials covered.

Motability adaptations are just what make this possible - and there is a huge range of changes that can be made to a car, including alterations for Driving, Stowage and Access. No matter how big or small, the Motability team will be able to help you make them a reality.

Such changes can be specified when selecting your new car, and between our specialists at the dealership, the great people at Motability and the adaptations installers, we’ll be able to organise the fitting and finance aspects of your new vehicle. When your car arrives, it will be tailored to your needs and ready to drive away.

Your three steps to getting your Motability adaptations

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