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Suzuki Used Cars

Suzuki is one of the most successful car manufacturers, producing high-quality vehicles that win the hearts of over 50% of all people who take one on a test drive. It’s an impressive statistic and reflects the Japanese brand’s commitment to producing vehicles of outstanding innovation, style, quality, and value. What's more, Suzuki reliability is unparalleled.

A Suzuki Swift is the ideal first car; with youthful styling, enough room to pile your mates in and a great speaker set, the Swift is perfect for younger drivers and cheap to insure.

Do you think roads are overrated? Take your pick from Suzuki 4x4 cars like the Suzuki Jimny which is hands-down the most fun off-roader money can buy. It’s somewhat toy-like styling is the highlight of its carefree attitude. But don’t be fooled, the Jimny is a serious piece of kit when it comes to driving on the slippery-stuff.

Why buy a used Suzuki from Stoneacre?

As an official Suzuki dealership – and one of the largest Suzuki dealers in Europe - we offer a wide range of used Suzuki models, from the highly popular Suzuki Vitara to the Suzuki Swift. Buying a used Suzuki whether it's electric, manual or automatic, from Stoneacre will ensure that you get the highest quality used cars on the market, with plenty of flexible buying options.

Finance a used Suzuki

Our specialised used car finance can accommodate the needs of all Suzuki-loving motorists. We offer no deposit options, so there is no reason to not look for your dream Suzuki, even if you don’t have a car to trade-in or an amount saved up. Did you know we also specialise in bad credit finance? Two-out-of-three who apply are accepted, so if you are looking for a new Suzuki, but are afraid you won’t be able to get finance, our specialist team will work for you to provide the best options possible.

Part-exchange your current car

Get a quick, easy and free evaluation of your current car, and you could use the value as a deposit for your desired Suzuki. All our dealerships offer part-exchange, so it does not matter where your desired used Suzuki is, you can always get an up-to-date value on the day you choose your second-hand car.

Every used Suzuki is thoroughly inspected

Every one of our used Suzuki cars go through a comprehensive health check. From the engine to paintwork, everything is ensured to be in tip-top condition. Our team of experts ensure the car is spotless inside and out, any age-related wear is addressed and a full Experian check is carried out to ensure the car has not been involved in any dodgy business.

Browse our range of used Suzuki cars for sale today!