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Car MOT Test

Class 4 MOT testing available at over 50 DVSA-approved Stoneacre testing centres in England and Wales.

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Car MOT & Service

Save 25% on the cost of your MOT when you book it together with any Stoneacre service.

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MOT Test Cover

Protect yourself against the cost of repairs and maintenance as the result of a failed MOT.

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Car MOT Testing at Stoneacre

Book your MOT online in minutes at a Stoneacre VOSA-approved service and testing centre located in England or Wales. All MOT testing is quality-assured and carried out by fully-trained vehicle technicians who test your vehicle to the highest standards of safety using the latest diagnostic equipment.

You'll receive and honest and expert MOT test and fantastic support from our friendly customer service team. You can book at any one of our MOT centres online or over the phone, and you'll have nothing to pay upfront until your test has been completed to your satisfaction.

You choose to have your MOT while you wait and relax in our comfortable waiting rooms that have free refreshments. We also offer a car collection service and can provide a courtesy car while your car is with us in the garage.

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MOT Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the MOT test?

    A MOT is a mandatory test set by the Department of Transport that is taken annually by cars three years and older. The test determines whether or not a vehicle is safe to drive on UK roads and results in either a pass or a fail. A pass means your vehicle meets the minimum safety and environmental standards set by law.

    An MOT is different to a service and doesn't check the general mechanical condition of the car. Rather, MOT testing will assess the working condition of the car to make sure it meets legal standards for safety, as well as perform a set of tests to assess the performance of working parts.

  • How do I know when my MOT is due?

    Any car 3 years or older requires a valid MOT test certificate to drive legally on UK roads. The expiry date of your car's last MOT can be found on your existing MOT test certificate and will be a year from the date it last passed an MOT. You can book your MOT test up to 28 days in advance of this date. You can also check the MOT status of your vehicle on the UK Government website.

  • How long does an MOT test take?

    Approximately 45 minutes but can extend to an hour.

  • What if my car doesn't pass its MOT?

    If your vehicle doesn't pass the MOT test the vehicle technician that performed the test will first provide you with a MOT failure document that will outline why your car failed. We will then explain the work that is required for your car to pass and offer an accurate valuation of the cost. We will only proceed to fix and retest your car when you have approved us to do so.

  • Is there a charge for a retest?

    If your car fails the MOT, the faults will need to be repaired before the car can be retested. If we repair your car at our test centre, or off-site by the following day, there will be no charge for the retest. If your car is removed and returned within 10 working days, the retest will cost half of the original fee. Otherwise, a full MOT test will be required.

  • What happens if I don't MOT my car?

    Driving a car with an invalid or expired MOT test is against the law and will also invalidate your insurance. MOT tests must be carried out at a DVSA-approved garage or testing centre.

  • What are common MOT faults?

    There are around 35 individual checks on an MOT, ranging from the wiper blades to the brake system. Lights, suspension and windscreens are all common causes of minor faults on an MOT test, as are registration plates which account for 14% of all MOT faults.

    To help you get ready for your upcoming MOT test and avoid any unnecessary minor faults, take a look at our Pre MOT Checklist for a series of checks you can do beforehand to prepare your car.

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