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Abarth 595 Motability

About Abarth Motability

Abarth is an iconic, Italian, car manufacturer with a strong racing pedigree that spans for more than half a century. As an award-winning Motability dealer, we make it our aim to ensure that no matter what mobility issues you experience, we can still provide a car you'll love to drive - including new sporty Abarth models!

With Stoneacre Motability, you can drive an Abarth car that's both exciting and sporty, with the necessary adaptations included to meet your mobility needs. For more information on our particular Motability adaptations, read our FAQ - 'What adaptations are available for my Motability car?'

Abarth 595 on Motability

Abarth Motability Range

The Motability Abarth range includes the 595, a sporty, performance-based vehicle with all the iconic features of a stylish Abarth hatchback.

The Abarth 595 on Motability is a stand-out model in the Abarth range, offering a unique blend of performance and style that combines to deliver a truly unique experience, one that only comes from driving one of Europe's most popular marques. See our own Abarth Motability price list for the latest updates and Abarth Motability offers.

All our Abarth Motability cars for sale are available with adaptations for the vehicles' seating, access, storage, and driving controls. To find a new Fiat Abarth Motability car that suits your needs, contact our Stoneacre Motability specialists at your local Abarth showroom today.

Abarth Motability Deals

Our Abarth Motability cars are available with the latest offers, like the Fiat Abarth 595 Motability car with a nil deposit option. We work with you and your preferred Motability installer to choose a car that suits your individual mobility requirements, while also helping you take advantage of the free adaptations offered by Motability. For more information on our adaptations and other Motability questions, visit our FAQ page. Or, visit us at your local Stoneacre showroom to discuss the latest Abarth Motability offers with our specialists.