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Air Conditioning Service & Regas

£69.95 (additional charges for R1234yf may apply)

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What's included in an air conditioning service?

✔️ Air conditioning system condition report

✔️ Air conditioning re-gas

✔️ Air conditioning bacterial cleanse treatment

✔️ 32-point vehicle health check

✔️ Guaranteed expert service by an ATA approved vehicle technician

✔️ Local aircon servicing at a Stoneacre service centre

  • What is an air conditioning re-gas?

    Air conditioning systems uses a refrigerant gas to regulate temperature inside a car. With air conditioning being used all year round, the system can lose as much as 10% of this gas over 12 months. An air conditioning re-gas removes old refrigerant circulating the system and recharges the levels of gas to optimum capacity.

  • How often should I get an air conditioning service for my car?

    We recommend an air conditioning service every 24 months. Over time an air conditioning system can loose gas and harbour built up bacteria caused by moisture settling on the filters and evaporators. This leads to a loss of performance and temperature regulation, as well as circulation of unclean air around your car.

  • What are the signs of a broken air conditioning system?

    Performance Issues

    • Unnoticeable change in temperature when air conditioning is on
    • Air conditioning unable to demist windows in winter
    • Loss of temperature control between air conditioning settings
    • Loss of speed control between air conditioning settings
    • Moisture build up on inside windows when air conditioning is on

    Cleanliness Issues

    • Unpleasant odours
    • Aggravated allergies
  • How do you recharge car air conditioning?

    Overtime a car's air conditioning system can loose it's power and you'll begin to notice poor circulation of air when you turn the AC on. A car air conditioning recharge refills the system with fresh refrigerant gas that circulates through the air conditioning to control air entering the cabin and regulate the temperature. An aircon recharge, or regas, essentially introduces new gas into the system that will mean your AC starts blowing cooler air again.

  • How long does an air conditioning service take?

    An air conditioning service can be completed together with an annual service or as a standalone treatment. It can take up to 60 minutes to complete the service, which includes a 32-point vehicle health check.

  • Why should I get my air conditioning service at Stoneacre?

    All Stoneacre servicing and testing centre are an ATA accredited facility, which means they are authorised to carry out services on air conditioning systems. This guarantees an expert level of vehicle care by our technicians, giving you complete peace of mind that your service is completed to the highest standards of safety and performance. You can find a Stoneacre service and testing centre at more than 50 locations across England and Wales, meaning we're only a short drive away for your next air conditioning service.

  • How much does a car air conditioning service cost?

    An air conditioning service at Stoneacre costs £69.95, which includes a 32 point vehicle health check, but if your car requires R1234yf gas there may be additional costs for your aircon regas. R1234yf is a limited production gas that is used in a range of car models. With production restricted by the European Union, it may cost you more for an air conditioning service if your car requires it.

  • What If I need my car air conditioning repairs?

    As well as an air conditioning service, we can also provides repairs and part replacements for an air conditioning system if yours has fully stopped working. We can repair car air conditioning systems at all our service centres in England and Wales and provide reliable air conditioning replacement parts for your car. If you are in need of more than a service for your air conditioning, call your local service centre to see how we can help.

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