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What's Included In Our Air Conditioning Service?

When you book your car in for an air conditioning service with us, you receive a lot more than a just simple air con re-gas. For the low price of £69.95, our car air con service includes the following:

  • Air Conditioning System Condition Report
  • Air Conditioning Re-Gas*
  • Bacterial Cleanse
  • 32-Point Vehicle Health Check

  • *If your vehicle uses R1234yf gas there may be additional costs.

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    Benefits of a Fully Maintained Air Con System

    Air conditioning and climate control systems are something we all take for granted, yet how many of us know our systems need a regular air conditioning service?

    As drivers, we rely on these systems more than we think. Fully working air conditioning doesn’t just cool our cabins on hot sunny days, or warm them on frozen winter mornings, it also helps defrost and demist our windscreens, keeping them clear throughout every journey. These systems have become a significant part of keeping us safe on the roads.

    Working efficiently, car air conditioning operates seamlessly – we hardly notice it in action at all. And although air conditioning systems will lose as much as 10% of their essential gases every twelve months, we often only become aware of our air-conditioning system when it starts to underperform. This is usually when we detect an unhealthy smell, find that the blasts of air aren’t as cool as we’re used to, or we notice a dip in our fuel economy.

    How Often Should Car Air Conditioning Be Serviced?

    These are all tell-tale signs that your air conditioning system needs servicing. Yet by this stage it may have been underperforming for some time. In some cases, quite dangerously.

    Without a regular service moisture can build up, allowing harmful bacteria and dirt to accumulate. This can then aggravate allergies and even trigger asthma in some sufferers.

    To help you avoid this, manufacturers recommend a full air conditioning service is carried out every two years. This isn’t included in your car’s annual service, so needs to be requested separately. It keeps your system in prime condition, recharges essential refrigerants and ensures you’re getting the maximum performance and the maximum benefits.

  • Delivers maximum climate control at both cold and warm temperatures

  • Keeps your cabin regulated and your windows free of moisture

  • Prevents any build-up of dirt or bacteria

  • Banishes bad smells and keeps the air clean

  • Need a car service? You can book your air conditioning service at the same time!

    What is a Bacterial Cleanse?

    As part of your car air conditioning service, we also recommend that your car receive an annual Bacterial Cleanse. For a small recharge cost, our professional servicing technicians will thoroughly clean and restore your vehicle’s entire ventilation system, killing potentially harmful bacteria and banishing those bad smells.

    Find out more in the video below:

    Why Book Your Air Con Service With Us?

    With the gasses replenished and your system back working to 100% efficiency, your air conditioning service will help to deliver the maximum climate control performance. Those icy blasts will return and, if your engine has been working harder to compensate, you’ll get better fuel economy as a result of your car air conditioning service too.

    Our professional technicians can provide this service for every make and model, including saloons, 4x4s, pickups and SUVs - all for the low price of £69.95.

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