Engine Flush & Fuel Treatment

About Engine Flush & Fuel Treatments

An engine flush cleans the oil ways, sumps and components in an engine from old oil and deposits of contaminants. Surfactants are flushed through the engine to thin remaining deposits of oil in the system and break down thick sludge.

Excess material from the engine is then drained and removed from the engine, before detergent is flushed through the system to clean away left over residue. Finally, a series of solvents and detergents are flushed through the engine to clean the oil ways.

Fuel treatment is available for both petrol and diesel engines. Treatment for petrol engines removes resins and residues left over by the fuel and cleans fuel injectors, chambers and valves. For diesel cars, fuel treatment cleans away bacteria and slimy deposits that can create excessive engine noise and exhaust fumes. It will also unclog fuel filters clean away corrosive contaminants from engine parts.