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Ford Used Cars

Ford’s Model T revolutionised the world with the industry’s first mass-produced car. Today, Ford’s mantra of offering a range of cars that break the mould and keep moving us forward is stronger than ever. The American manufacturer’s range boasts a car for every driver, including class-leading hatchbacks, luxury saloons, muscle cars and family SUVs, all of which you’ll find in our assortment of Ford used cars.

The Ford Fiesta is officially the most popular car on Britain’s roads; its flexible practicality is offset with brilliant styling to create the perfect all-rounder. Ideal for first-time drivers, the Ford Fiesta is such a great second-hand car, it actually placed first in our list of best used cars!

The Ford Kuga, meanwhile, has long been a class-leader of SUVs, with tonnes of space, a balanced ride and great fuel economy, a Kuga is a great choice for any busy families. We included the Ford Kuga on our list of best cars for dogs; thanks to the massive 450-litre boot, your furry friends can ride in style!

Why choose Stoneacre?

At Stoneacre, we pride ourselves on providing some of the best used Fords in the UK. From the highly popular Focus to the robust Galaxy, we ensure you get a choice of the best quality used cars from Ford, with plenty of part-exchange and used car finance options. If you have additional questions you can check out our used car FAQ here.

Every used Ford is evaluated & approved by our specialist mechanics.

Before any of our used Fords enter the forecourt, they have a complete health check by our team of manufacturer-trained mechanics. No area of the car is left unchecked; from suspension to sparkplugs, everything is ensured to be working as intended. We take pride in the presentation of our used cars, and the team ensures they are spotless inside and out before completing a full Experian check to ensure the car has never had a shady past.

Used Ford on Finance

At Stoneacre, we offer finance packages on all our used cars that can be tailored to all needs, and you can get a solid idea of what this might look like, as all cars on the website offer a customisable finance calculator. 

Meanwhile, our award-winning team can work with you to get the best possible finance package if you wish to check your eligibility first. Did you know we also offer interest-free and no deposit finance options? 


If you have a car you are looking to trade-in, give our free online evaluation a spin. There’s no obligation to accept the valuation - the tool will simply let you know the value of your current car that you could use as a deposit towards a used Ford.