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If you love adventure, there's no better vehicle to drive than a Jeep on Motability. Jeep Motability helps you go anywhere no matter what you're mobility requirements may be, with performance all-terrain vehicles that are synonymous with exploration and venturing into the unknown. 

Jeep are passionate about accessibility and providing mobility customers with full opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement of driving a Jeep. When you lease a Jeep through our Motability scheme, you can choose from a range of adaptations for seating, storage, and driving controls which makes it easier for you or someone you care for to use the vehicle with a disability.

Jeep Motability car adaptations can be made prior to delivery, so you can start to use your vehicle straight away. We also include in your Jeep lease the cost of servicing, maintenance, and repairs, as well as RAC breakdown cover, roadside assistance, and a wear and tear plan.

Jeep Renegade on Motability

Jeep Motability Cars

We have a fantastic range of Jeep cars on Motability available. The Jeep Compass and Jeep Renegade on Motability are two Jeep cars with distinctive styles, set apart from one another. The Jeep Renegade is a compact SUV with outstanding 4x4 capabilities. It is equipped to take on almost any surface, with dedicated settings for road, ice, and sand. Alternatively, the Jeep Compass is a large family SUV built for everyday urban life. It's comfortable, spacious, and easy to drive, with a sophisticated style and immense versatility. Discover our latest Jeep Motability car prices through the Jeep Motability price list (2021).

Our Jeep Motability specialists are available 7 days a week at local Jeep showrooms to support your search for a Jeep Motability car. We can work with your chosen Motability installer to adapt any features of your chosen Jeep model to cater to your mobility requirements. Plus, many of these adaptations are made for free, taking away the worry of higher costs, so you can spend more time enjoying your brand new Jeep.

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For more information on our Jeep Motability scheme, contact one of our many Jeep UK dealerships which specialise in providing tailored Jeep Motability offers. We are established Jeep Motability dealers with decades of experience, who are up-to-date on the latest Jeep Motability prices, so we can find the best offer for you.

See more about Jeep Motability online or contact us over the phone directly for a chat. If you have any urgent questions regarding Jeep Motability or the whole scheme in general, check out our Motability FAQs where we answer your questions about leasing, driving, and maintaining your car.