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    Gold service includes:
    • Steering/Suspension Check
    • Exterior Lights Operation
    • Tyre Condition & Tread Depth Check (inc spare)
    • Brake Disc/Drum Check
    • Check Engine (oil & filter changes)
    • Replace Air Filter
    • Check Underbonnet (report leaks)
    • Check Under Vehicle Condition
    • Check Radiator Condition/Leaks
    • Check Electrical Cooling Fan Operation (where applicable)
    • Lubricate Accessible Door Hinges and Locks
    • Pollen Filter Condition (replacement at additional cost)
    Platinum service includes everything from the Gold Service plus
    • Visual Check of DPF System and Report (diesel models where applicable)
    • Replace Fuel Filter (diesel models only)
    • Check and top up transfer box & differential oil
    • Replace Spark Plugs (additional charge may apply)
    • Grease Steering & Suspension Joints (where applicable)
    • Check and Report DPF Fluid Level (Replenish at extra charge if required)
    • Check and Top Up Gearbox Oil (gearbox oil change at additional cost)
    Manufacturer service includes:
    • All Checks Carried Out To Manufacturer Guidance
    • Carry out Oil & Filter Replacement
    • Check & Report on Front Brake Pad Wear
    • Check & Report Brake Fluid Condition
    • Check Underbonnet (report leaks)
    • Check Steering and Suspension
    • Check Tyre Condition & Tread Depth
    • Check & Report Cooling Strength
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