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Peugeot 2008 Motability

About Peugeot Motability

Peugeot is one of the UK's best-selling manufacturers, well-known for its versatile range of cars. Peugeot currently has a large selection of Motability Peugeot cars, so whether you need a small car for economical running costs, a compact SUV with family-focused features, or a large Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) for easy rear access, we can help you find the car to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Stoneacre offers a great many Peugeot cars on Motability, from the affordable 108 to family SUVs like the 2008, 3008, and 5008, which are all in stock. If you're looking for Peugeot 7-seater Motability, we offer popular MPVs like the Peugeot Rifter on Motability. Peugeot's practical MPVs have access-friendly doors as standard, making them an ideal car for drivers and passengers who experience mobility issues.

You can lease your Motability Peugeot car through Stoneacre with a lease deal that lasts you for 3 years. If you, or a person you care for, is receiving mobility allowances, you can put this towards the new car, and benefit from a range of other perks.

Peugeot e-208 Motability

Peugeot Motability Cars

At Stoneacre, we have a range of Peugeot Motability cars for sale including hatchbacks, SUVs, MPVs and electric Motability cars. From a single manufacturer, you can find the Motability car that suits your driving style and individual mobility needs.

Benefit from a range of different features to make your driving simpler. The 208 hatchback, for example, is a sleek semi-automatic vehicle with driving safety features and the PEUGEOT 3D I-Cockpit for head-up display and driver infotainment. The PEUGEOT I-Cockpit is also integrated with several SUV models.

We have such a large range of Peugeot Motability cars available that Peugeot's range of Motability cars proves to be one of the most versatile currently offered on a Motability scheme. Whether you need a small city car, a compact crossover, or a large SUV, you can find the perfect Peugeot Motability car to suit your requirements. What's more, the Peugeot Motability car range also includes both automatic and manual transmissions, so you have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing your ideal car.

Peugeot Rifter Motability

Peugeot Motability at Stoneacre

All Peugeot cars for sale are available with special adaptations for access, stowage, seating and driving controls. With the help of our Motability specialists at Stoneacre showrooms, you can arrange for the perfect Peugeot Motability cars including suited adaptations that are tailored to you. For more information on our Peugeot Motability adaptations, take a look at our FAQ page - "What adaptations are available for my car?".

In our Motability lease deal, not only do we cover over 200 Peugeot mobility adaptions, but we also include comprehensive insurance, servicing and maintenance costs, breakdown cover, roadside assistance with the RAC, and much, much more.

With a Peugeot on Motability, your can also have some adaptations fitted at no extra cost. For further information on our Peugeot Motability cars, contact a Peugeot showroom today and discuss your needs with our Stoneacre specialists. We're an established Peugeot Motability dealer with decades of experience, so finding the right Peugeot mobility car for you is a breeze.

Peugeot Motability Deals & Offers

All of our Peugeot mobility cars come available with the latest Peugeot Motability offers. You can lease a Peugeot vehicle with a Nil deposit or Peugeot Motability Advance payment. See our latest Peugeot Motability prices and offers with our Peugeot Motability Price List 2021.

Still have questions regarding eligibility, offers and services? We can answer your questions on the Motability FAQ page. Start your Motability car buying journey today, at Stoneacre!