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Citroen Commercial & The Range

Looking for a dependable van that will keep your business moving no matter what? Take a look at the new Citroen van range, from small and versatile vans to large, robust commercial vehicles, and there is sure to be something for everyone.

The baby of the range, the Berlingo, small in size but not in character. Has taken the small van sector by storm, winning accolades such as van magazines and Great British Feet Awards 'small van of the year 2019.' Even claiming 'Van of the year' in the same year. 

The middle child of the range is the Dispatch, an excellent all-round van with an A payload of 1.4 Tonne. And the versatility to be apeople carrier and seat up to nine people.

Finally, the biggest of the bunch is the Citroen Relay, available in a huge number of variants, both in length and height. The Relay is designed to maximise the amount of cargo and payload ideal for those with big units to shift. 

Citroen 'Ready to Run' & Van Conversions

As well as the standard variants, Citroen have a considerable number of converted vehicles available. 

Because each business is unique and needs unique vehicles to meet their needs, Citroen has a vast range of converted vans with adapted load spaces and capacities. Tipper vans, Box vans, Luton vans, drop-side vans, curtainside vans, the list goes on. 

These variations form Citroens ready to run range, where you don't just get atailor-made van for your business; you get a whole host of other benefits. 

Free Citroen Assistant for an entire year operating 24 hours of the day will get roadside assistance to make emergencies slightly less stressful.

A 3 year or 100,000 warranty comes as standard on all converted Citroen vehicles. 

Citroen's Commercial Heritage

With over 100 years in the commercial vehicle market, Citroen vans are tried and tested, initially releasing a van variant of their C4 in 1931. Further suppling utilitarian vehicles like the P17, a half-tracked vehicle that aided early scientists to cross rugged terrain to make important discoveries. In the late 1930's Citroen released the TUB/TUC, a somewhat revolutionary van that's life was cut short by the second world war. The TUB/TUC featured one of the industries first sliding doors, a design albeit with a few alterations, has stood the test of time. 

Released in 1947, the Citroen Type H was and still is an Iconic van—the charismatic looks, practicality and reliability. Nowadays, you still see a lot of 'H vans.' being converted to be trendy food trucks, a token to the longevity and practicality of this iconic van. 

Next was the iconic 2CV which had a box van variant, the predecessor of the modern-day Berlingo in many ways. 

Citroen Commercial Finance and Deals

Acquiring a Citroen LCV for personal or business use is an effortless process at Stoneacre Motor Group. Aided by our commercial vehicle experts with years of experience in supplying LCVs, we can cater to your every need and help you choose what purchase method best suits you and your business. Whether it be leasing,hire purchase, cash buying or PCP, we have you covered. 

Citroen has formulated several Hire purchase deals, couple this with deals unique to Stoneacre and our partner lenders there is plenty of option throughout the range. 

PCP offers available throughout the range and the option of our LCV specialists catering a deal to suit you and your business. Making sure you're not paying above what you can afford for your commercial vehicle. 

Leasing a Citroen LCV is one of the most convenient ways for businesses and individuals who don't want to be tied to a vehicle for long periods to enjoy a Citroen LCV. The convenience of changing to a more recent model when one comes available. There is great value to be had in our Citroen leasing offers. 

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