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MG is a much-loved British manufacturer and one that carries a strong heritage for style and performance. At Stoneacre showrooms across England, we show a range of Motability MG cars for you to lease. We can offer a three-year Motability lease deal, along with an extensive warranty on models such as the MG3. Our deals cover everything from maintenance to servicing and breakdown cover.

We have a range of MG cars on Motability, including practical SUVs and versatile estate models. From the MG ZS to the MG HS we are sure to have a model to fit your needs. We arrange our MG Motability offers with the MG Motability scheme to make it more affordable to lease your car with Stoneacre. You can use your mobility allowances and travel further with an MG on Motability, as our vehicles are currently available with Nil deposit options and MG Motability Advance payments.

With such a wide range of affordable MG cars available, you will find it easy to find a vehicle that will fit your personal mobility requirements. We will work alongside your chosen installer to ensure that all adaptations are carried out correctly before your collection or delivery. Speak to our Stoneacre specialists today, and we can help you find an MG car on Motability that is perfect for your needs.

MG HS Motability Car

MG Motability Cars

Our Motability MG cars include the MG 3, MG ZS and the MG HS.

If you're looking for a practical and affordable MG SUV on Motability, the MG ZS is for you. The MG ZS on Motability offers high equipment levels and a surprising amount of space for those essential mobility aids. Along with a low Advance Payment, the versatile MG ZS is ideal as a Motability car.

For a smaller model, the MG3 hatchback is now available through our Motability scheme.  The MG3 Motability car might be compact but offers plenty of space inside. Along with its sporty looks, it's fun to drive and will turn heads as you take to the street.

The largest model, the MG HS provides outstanding interior room, comfort, and technology for all on board. With its eye-catching grille, elegant and sophisticated finish, the MG HS on Motability is definitely worth considering.

You can buy your MG Motability car and view the latest MG Motability prices above.

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Buying an MG on Motability

Stoneacre is a UK-leading Motability dealer, and we have a great range of MG cars on Motability from which you can choose. Our MG mobility cars are available to lease, with a range of options for storage, access, seating and driving control adaptations. Here at Stoneacre, we believe that no one should go without access to a car, and our MG Motability team is here to help with all your mobility needs.

We have Motability specialists at all of our Stoneacre showrooms. Our MG Motability specialists have undergone additional training to ensure that we can offer insight and advice when exploring your Motability options with MG. When you buy an MG car on Motability, the cost of leasing will also include maintenance, breakdown cover and RAC assistance, plus the cost of insurance and annual car tax.

Not only this, but you can get a range of Motability cars from MG with Nil deposit options and low Advance payments. See all the latest offers and our Motability car prices from MG by viewing the options above. At Stoneacre, we use our time to help you get on the road, so feel free to enquire with our team if you have any questions.

MG Motability Deals

To find out more about our UK MG Motability Scheme, see our FAQs page, which provides details on eligibility, benefits, and a list of adaptations. Stoneacre welcomes you to visit us at your local MG showroom and speak with our Motability specialists to find the best MG Motability car for you.