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What is brake fluid?

Brake fluid is an important hydraulic component that applies pressure to the braking system. When the brake pedal is pressed, brake fluid transfers the force of the pedal into pressure that is applied to the brake pad to slow the car down.

Overtime moisture can build up in the brake fluid that will increase the corrosion of the copper lining in the brakes. It will also lower the boiling point of the brake fluid that means the liquid will vaporise rather than work as a liquid.

A brake fluid change will first test the levels of moisture in the brake fluid before flushing and replacing old brake fluids. Manufacturers recommend that you change your brake fluid every 2 years to maintain the performance of your car's braking system.

  • How often should brake fluid be changed?

    Manufacturers recommend you change brake fluid every 2 years. This is to prevent the long term build up of moisture that can affect the performance of the brakes and corrode brake parts. Included with a Stoneacre Serviceis a report on existing brake fluid levels and the boiling point. Our vehicle technicians will then recommend a brake fluid change at an additional cost if required.

  • Why do I need to change brake fluid?

    Overtime brake fluid absorbs moisture that accelerates the corrosion of brake parts. Water depletes the corrosion inhibitors in brake fluid that coat the inside of the brake line leading to the copper coating to corrode. As part of our brake fluid change service, we'll first use testing strips to measure the levels of copper in the brake fluid. An overmeasurement of copper in the brake fluid shows that it needs to be changed to restore the anti-corrosive properties of the fluid.

  • What does a brake fluid change include?

    A brake fluid change will first test the levels of moisture in the brake fluid before flushing and replacing old brake fluids. 

    1. test the brake fluid for copper ions using a copper testing strip
    2. flush brake fluid from the brake fluid reservoir
    3. refill brake fluid reservoir and re-pressurise brake system
    4. flush old brake fluid from all brake callipers
    5. allow new brake fluid to circulate through the car braking system

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