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Renault Captur E-TECH on Motability

About Renault Motability

Renault is a French manufacturer with a selection of cars on Motability. Renault Motability provides access to some of Renault's most popular models for Motability customers looking to lease on the scheme. Through Stoneacre, you can gain access to a wide selection of Renault cars, from iconic city cars to hatchbacks and spacious SUV models.

Enjoy more freedom with a Renault Motability car. Renault's Motability scheme provides affordable motoring that prioritises your freedom (or freedom for someone you care for). Renault Motability cars are fitted with mobility adaptations to improve utility for disabled drivers and or passengers.

We have a wide range of adaptations available on the Renault Motability scheme, and many of these vehicle adjustments can be made free of charge. These adaptations can alter the driving controls, storage, and access to make it easier for anyone with a disability who is using the car daily.

Renault Clio E-TECH on Motability

Renault Motability Cars

We have a range of Renault cars currently available on Motability. We can match these to your preferences and adjust the vehicle to meet your mobility requirements. Our Renault Motability cars include the Renault Clio E-TECH, a small and stylish city car that has recently been named the 'Supermini of the Year' by Auto Express.

You can also buy a Renault SUV on Motability, such as the Renault Captur or the Renault Captur E-TECH, which comes with a hybrid powertrain. You can also find the Renault Arkana E-TECH for a more modern feel or go all-out with the Renault Zoe E-TECH on Motability.

With our Motability cars from Renault, we have the options to suit your requirements. Our specialists are always around to assist you, so contact us at your local Stoneacre showroom. We can explain the available adaptations and let you know the latest Renault Motability prices.

Renault Motability at Stoneacre

Renault Motability at Stoneacre

When you buy a Renault car on a Motability scheme, you can benefit from a selection of offers with adjustments that we make for you. At Stoneacre, we understand that making your Motability car perfect for you is the most important thing. Our Renault Motability cars are available with various vehicle adaptations, which include changes to access, storage, seating, and driving controls.

The Renault Motability scheme makes sure you find a car that meets your mobility requirements. So, with a Renault on Motability, you'll receive the usual perks of the Motability scheme for the duration of your lease. Your mobility allowances will cover all servicing and maintenance, plus insurance, RAC breakdown cover, roadside assistance, and wear-and-tear cover for your windscreen and tyres.

Browse our Renault Motability offers online. You can get a Renault Motability car with an advance payment or some Motability cars with a nil deposit deal from Renault. For example, the Renault Zoe E-TECH is currently on nil deposit. When you find a model to suit your needs, visit your local Stoneacre showroom, and our Renault Motability specialists will assist you through the process.

Renault Motability Deals

All our Renault Motability cars for sale come with the latest Renault Motability deals. Our specialists are available over the phone or in-person to discuss your needs and find the right option for you. Feel free to visit your local Stoneacre showroom, and our Motability specialists can talk you through your options. If you are unsure if you qualify for a Motability allowance, read our Motability FAQs, and we'll answer any pressing questions you may have.

Renault Motability FAQ

  • What are Renault Motability Advance Payments?

    An Advance Payment is a non-refundable up-front payment. It allows you to cover the remainder of your costs outside of your mobility allowance. You can use an Advance Payment to pay towards your Renault Motability car. If you decide on a Renault Motability car with an Advance Payment, you can pay your dealer before or when you collect your vehicle.