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What is wheel tracking and re-alignment?

Wheel tracking and re-alignment corrects the direction and angle of your car wheels if they have become misaligned. Problems with wheel alignment can be caused by having a car accident or by hitting road surfaces like a kerb or pothole, as well as by worn car parts like wheel bearings or shock absorbers.

Wheel misalignment can cause issues with steering, braking and the suspension, as well as cause premature wearing on car tyres. You might notice excessive or uneven tyre wear, steering wheel vibration, or your car pulling noticeably to one side if your wheels are misaligned.

Wheel Tracking is used to first analyse the misalignment by measuring the camber, toe and caster angles of your car wheels. This will identify any misalignment issues on all 4 car wheels, which we can then correct back to the manufacturer specification using laser-precision wheel alignment technology.

Why is car wheel alignment important?

Car wheel alignment is necessary for a comfortable ride, improved fuel economy and reduced maintenance costs. Misaligned wheels will cause problems with your car tyres, suspension and wheel bearings, and will cause your car to use more fuel. Correct wheel alignment is also important for the performance of your car to ensure correct handling, acceleration and braking. Misaligned wheels can create problems with how the car responds both during acceleration, when cornering and under braking, and you are likely to notice changes both in the behaviour of the car and how the car feels to drive.

How to spot wheel alignment problems

Misaligned wheels can result in excessive wear and tear on your car tyres and other parts of your wheel like bearings and suspensions. In some cases you'll notice problems with your cars performance like poor acceleration, traction when cornering, and dragging.

A vibrating or misaligned steering wheel, tyre screeching and excessive or uneven tyre wear can all be signs of wheel misalignment. We recommend you check the alignment of your wheels together with your annual service. If we notice any visual or mechanical signs that your tyres are misaligned, we will always highlight this to you and maybe recommend a wheel alignment service for your car.

How much does wheel alignment cost?

At Stoneacre our 4 wheel alignment service costs £34.99 and is available at every Stoneacre service centre in England and Wales. We use the latest wheel alignment and wheel tracking technology, with computerised precision and laser wheel alignment. Your front and rear wheel alignment service will be provided by a fully trained Stoneacre vehicle technician who will realign all 4 car wheels back to the manufacturer specification.

While wheel alignment does come at an additional cost, you may actually be saving yourself money in the long term as correct wheel alignment will improve the fuel economy of your car and reduce the likelihood of repairs caused by misaligned wheels. Our service centres are equipped with laser wheel alignment technology for pinpoint precision. We'll correct your car wheels back to manufacturer specification to help your car run at optimum efficiency and performance again.

How long does wheel alignment take?

Wheel alignment only takes an hour to complete and we recommend you book our wheel alignment service together with an annual car service so you can have both done on the same day.

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