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Whether you're looking for your first car, family car or even your dream car, buying with Stoneacre couldn't be easier. Our award-winning car finance team pulls out all the stops to provide a great deal and a great experience.

Car finance can often seem like a minefield, yet in reality it's a fairly hassle-free process and ideal for those who are unable - or who'd rather not - pay for a vehicle outright.

Instead, the balance is broken down into in manageable monthly instalments to help manage the affordability of a car. You don't even necessarily require a deposit, though putting down some initial cash (or part exchange) always makes things cheaper.

Applying is fast and simple, thanks to our quick-to-complete form, while our flexible panel of lenders are able to help a range of motorists get car finance.

Your car, your finance

Red car on finance
Red car on finance

Car Finance Deals

Car finance comes in many forms, and it might be tough at first finding the right package for you, but we're here to help.

Close-up of car keys and document sign for car finance
Close-up of car keys and document sign for car finance

0% Car Finance

We offer 0% finance on many of our cars, enabling drivers to save a substantial amount on their next car. Find out more here.

Calculator and pennies - car finance
Calculator and pennies - car finance

Bad Credit Car Finance

We work with a flexible panel of lenders who don't just look at your credit rating, and we look to help as many as we can get into a new car.

Car Finance Options

Car finance comes in various forms, each offering varying degrees of flexibility. These includes traditional ownership and an option that won't necessarily see you own the car.

Blue car on personal contract purchase finance
Blue car on personal contract purchase finance

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Great if you have a reasonable credit rating, want the freedom to drive a new car every two-to-three years and want cheaper monthly payments.

Red car on hire purchase finance
Red car on hire purchase finance

Hire Purchase (HP)

If you want to own your car at the end of the agreement and you're not eligible for or don't want a personal loan, choose Hire Purchase.

Car Finance Alternatives

Red car driving on the road on car finance

Not interested in the two above options? Well they aren't you're only avenues for car finance.

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) - Essentially long-term rental and ideal if you want low monthly payments, you're not interested in ownership and you'd like servicing or replacement tyres included in the deal - more information

Motor Loan - Ideal if you don't have a deposit, want to own the car outright and you don't want the restrictions of a mileage allowance.

Want to know what kind of deposit you can put down on such a finance package? Well, we can offer you a free, no-obligation valuation tool, giving you a solid idea of what your vehicle is worth towards a new car.

Financing your car with Stoneacre

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Use our online application form for initial eligibility. Shortly after, a member of our in-house team will get in touch to discuss your application.

Find your car

Not only do we represent over 20 of thw world's most recognisable manufacturers, we also stock vehicles from many more brands.

Agree the deal

Once you've secured the car, established the cost of finance, and agreed the repayments and deposit, the paperwork can be drafted.

Sign the agreement

This is also when any deposit must be paid, or your old car given in part-exchange. Once completed with the paperwork, it's time to drive away.

Why choose us for car finance?

With over two-decades of experience within the realm of automotive retail, we're able to offer a huge number of benefits and a smooth car-buying process.

Are you eligible for car finance with Stoneacre?

Each one of our lenders has its own criteria. However, there are several requirements you must meet to be eligible.

Applicants must:

Finance Disclosure

For the purpose of this promotion Stoneacre is not acting as a lender but as an independent credit broker working with a panel of lenders. A list of these lenders is available upon request. Stoneacre do not charge a fee for an introduction to a finance provider, however, we may or may not receive a commission.

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