Stoneacre Van Finance

Here at Stoneacre, we have a wealth of experience in finding both the right van and right van finance option for a range of different businesses. So whether you are just setting up and looking for your first van or are wanting to add to your existing fleet, we’re confident we’ll have the solution for your specific business.

Stoneacre Van Hire Purchase
Stoneacre Van Hire Purchase Mobile

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is a great option if owning a your van is vital to your business, letting you spread the cost of purchasing your van.

Stoneacre Van Business Contract Purchase Desktop
Stoneacre Van Business Contract Purchase Mobile

Business Contract Purchase

A reducing asset sitting on your balance sheets is not an ideal scenario, that's why with a BCP offer, you can make the depreciation work in your favour.

Stoneacre Van Contract Hire Desktop
Stoneacre Van Contract Hire Mobile

Contract Hire

Contract Hire is a great choice for those who are looking to get the benefits of a new van without actually owning it, just paying a monthly fee.

Van Finance

We understand that for many, van ownership is key to the success of their business which is why we offer both hire purchase van finance and van business contract purchase. Both options offer flexible ways for you to acquire a van as an asset of your company.

However, for some businesses, leasing will always be a better option. That is why you can also access contract hire van finance here at Stoneacre. This is essentially long-term hire, making it ideal for people who know that they never want the van to be an asset of the business.

Our impressive van finance options ensure that no matter what stage your business is at, you’re sure to find a finance option that will enable your company to grow from strength to strength. We work with specialist van finance companies to provide flexible solutions, no matter what your business. For example, we can even accommodate people looking for bad credit van finance. You can find out more about each of the finance options available by clicking the links above.

So what are you waiting for? Why not start the search for your new van today by taking a look at our available models, or if you’d rather speak to someone about the different van finance options, then why not get in touch and one of our specialist advisors?