Stoneacre Contract Hire Van Finance

Van contract Hire lets enjoy the benefits of driving a brand new van without ever having to own it. There’s no capital to outlay, no large sum to finance and it is not a depreciating asset sitting on your books.


Instead, you can get behind the wheel of the van you need for an affordable fixed monthly payment. At the end of your contract, you can hand the vehicle back and start up a fresh contract for a brand new van.


At Stoneacre, we can structure any Contract Hire van deal around your requirements. This allows you to specify an agreed annual mileage allowance that will work for your business needs.


Plus we offer maintenance packages with our van contract hire deals, which means you don’t need to worry about servicing and maintenance either, as it’s all taken care of.

Van Contract Hire Advantages

Man on the phone for van hire purchase

If you’d prefer the security of ownership, then why not take a look at our van hire purchase and van business contract purchase options.

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