New Hyundai i20 for Sale

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New Hyundai i20 for Sale

About the All-New Hyundai i20

The all-new Hyundai i20 is back with a brand new facelift, giving the new i20 a sportier design and offering some great trim options. It's one of Hyundai's best-selling models and sits as the mid-range subcompact model that everyone needs. The new Hyundai i20 facelift brings some innovative features to the table that range from tech and safety to stunning exterior design changes.

The i20 is a practical family hatchback model that's designed to stand out. Its attractive, sporty profile gives the i20 a stylish new character, with new performance-oriented engine options to bolster style and character with performance, efficiency and cheaper running costs.

A redesigned interior also boasts a class-leading driving experience, with a new suite of intelligent driving aids and safety features. The interior is spacious, durable and comfortable, and makes the most of increased passenger space and improved storage capacity.

Hyundai i20 Finance Deals

New Hyundai i20 Finance

Stoneacre provides a range of financing options to help you make your new i20 car price more affordable. If you are looking to buy a new Hyundai i20 then our finance packages can be tailored to your terms and budget, making your monthly payments more manageable.

We provide a full selection of Hyundai i20 vehicles, all of which feature the most recent generational styling and are ready for you to test drive. We can assist you in your quest for a new vehicle and assist you in locating a Hyundai i20 deal that fits within your price range. We also offer the most recent manufacturer specials and discounts for the Hyundai i20.

Stoneacre also offers a part-exchange programme that enables you to exchange your old vehicle for credit towards a new one. With the help of our free online car valuation tool, you can determine the worth of your current car and apply the proceeds towards the cost of your new Hyundai i20 price.

With a custom finance package from Stoneacre, you can spread out the expense of a new Hyundai i20 even more. Through our network of lenders, we can work with a variety of customers, and we can get you a terrific offer on the new i20 that is specifically tailored to match your budget.

New Hyundai i20 Facelift

New Hyundai i20 Design & Practicality

The new Hyundai i20 has had a refreshing new design with its recent facelift, including a sporty and dynamic exterior. Hyundai characterises this approach as creating harmony between proportion, architecture, styling and technology, the four fundamental pillars of a successful car.

Its performance-inspired front and rear bumpers, unique black front grille, and bold aerodynamic profile prove the Hyundai i20 is a car demanding attention.

With a longer wheelbase and low-profile roof, the new Hyundai i20 offers style, space and comfort like never before. Boot space has increased to 352 litres, ready for all your family's storage needs. Whether it's going on an adventure or traversing the city, the new i20 has enough space for all your transporting needs.

The interior feels spacious and airy, with a well-sculptured and appealing design and an elegant dashboard housing the i20's infotainment suite. As standard the new i20 comes with plenty of practical features like rear parking sensors and a brilliant array of intelligent safety features and driver aids.