Is Range Anxiety a Real Thing?


Have you ever been anxious when you're about to embark on a journey and notice your electric car is running low on battery? Or maybe you’re worried even a full charge might not get you to your destination? 

This is known as range anxiety - whether you've already made a move to electric vehicles or haven't yet, we're here to help you understand what range anxiety is and how to avoid it.

When a motorist experiences range anxiety, they are concerned that their electric vehicle may run out of power before reaching their destination or the next electric vehicle charging station. This might, for example, occur immediately before setting out for work after neglecting to power up the night before.

Range anxiety can put some people off EV ownership, as, unlike a petrol or diesel model, you can't quickly refuel and get going again. Instead, you need to stop and recharge, which can eat into your time.

The word "range" refers to the entire distance an electric vehicle can go with its current battery charge. The range of different EV models varies. Hence, it's essential to research to ensure you get the correct car for your driving habits.

However, the recent improvements to the of EV models mean many fully electric vehicles can cover your everyday journeys without any concerns. It is only on long drives that you would need to plan a stop to recharge your battery. But even then, the UK charging network is constantly growing, and with a more rapid charger available that can boost battery from 0-80 percent charge in as little as half an hour, there is no need to panic.

Once you have lived with an EV for a few months, range anxiety can quickly become a thing of the past.