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About electric Nissan and Nissan self-charging hybrid cars

The world is shifting towards a cleaner environment and Nissan already has a decade of experience in creating electric vehicles. It first launched an all-electric vehicle back in 2010, the Nissan Leaf, which has now successfully reached its second generation. Nissan has doubled down on its commitment for electric cars with the introduction of the brand new Ariya. This Nissan electric SUV is both practical and luxurious and offers an electric range of up to 310 miles.

Nissan all-electric cars provide enough range for most journeys and plenty of performance to make your journey as efficient as possible. The benefits of driving a  Nissan electric vehicle are numerous, with zero emissions and low charging costs driving down your motoring expenses. It doesn't stop there either, with the popular Qashqai also offering electrified abilities with its new e-POWER hybrid system enhancing its efficiency with no plug required.

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