Electric & Hybrid Cars at Stoneacre

The switch is in motion to make our cars electrified

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Moving into the future...

The automotive industry is in a huge moment of change, with the electrification of our day-to-day vehicles very much in full swing. Hybrid and electric cars are more popular than they’ve ever been, and are fast becoming a norm on the road.

With all this change coming fast, it will be important for motorists to know the ins and outs of such vehicles – especially given that, from 2030, manufacturers will no longer be able to offer cars for sale in the UK that feature a combustion engine.

For anyone wanting to be prepared for this automotive revolution, we’ve put together all the information you might just need to get involved with hybrid or electric cars.

Our Electric & Hybrid Manufacturers

Explore our selection of alternatively fuelled vehicles available from Stoneacre right now

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