Abarth Electric cars

Abarth Electric Cars

Take a look at the Abarth electric vehicles on offer and find the right model for you with Stoneacre.

All about the Abarth Electric cars for sale

Enjoy the Abarth electric vehicle range to help minimize your carbon footprint. Electric vehicles made by Abarth have cutting-edge design, futuristic technology, and excellent driving abilities.

Take a look at Abarth first fully electric vehicle the 500e. Discover the 113.7 kW electric motor, a fully electric engine paired with a 42 kWh lithium-ion battery, under the hood of the electric Abarth 500e.This all adds up to 235Nm of immediate torque, giving you unprecedented acceleration.

To find out more about the newest edition to the Abarth electric car range, head over to the Abarth 500e new page.