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We know that your van is probably the pride and joy of your business. Let’s face it you rely on it to get you, all of your kit and crew from a-to-b seamlessly. So we also understand that you want to take care of it both inside and out, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of van ply lining.

Most vans come with a bare metal cargo area which offers very little protection. If your business involves transporting various goods or tools, the metal interior can quickly become damaged, be it scratched, scraped, bumped or dented. Overtime or if substantial enough, these dents and bumps can start to show on the exterior and harm the overall look of your van.

Luckily, there is an easy solution. Fitting ply lining to your van is the hassle-free way to improve the look of the interior of a van and increase protection

Van Ply Lining Services

Made from the highest quality woods and materials, ply lining helps to protect both the inside shell of your van and the van doors.

Ply lining a van helps to absorb some off the knocks and scrapes your van interior may suffer and prevents the damage travelling through to show on the exterior.

At Stoneacre, we stock a comprehensive range of ply lining kits, this includes ply lining which can be fitted to your shelves and internal storage to offer additional protection to every aspect of the interior of your van.

Van ply lining is easy to install, looks great and is affordable, so is a great way to enhance and protect your van. Our technicians can offer advice on the best ply lining solution for your van and can even fit van ply lining kits for you.

If your looking for other options such as towbars, lighting or racking, why not visit Stoneacre and see how we can help?

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