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An annual MOT is a legal requirement for any van over three years old. During a van MOT various tests, set by the DVSA, are carried out to determine if your van is fit for purpose and in a roadworthy condition. This includes a broad range of vehicle safety checks like checking lights, tyres, seatbelts and emissions.

Your van MOT is an essential aspect of vehicle maintenance and not having a valid MOT can result in a fine, can invalidate your insurance and can result in you not being able to tax your vehicle. You should also bear in mind, that new technology is making it easier for police to monitor vehicles and identify those without a valid MOT. So it is imperative to keep your van’s MOT to date.

We have VAN MOT test centres located across the UK, so it is easy for you to find your local Stoneacre test. All of our test centres are DVSA approved and are staffed by fully-trained and experienced technicians, so you can be confident of a first-class MOT. Plus we offer great value for money and ensure our van MOT price is competitive.

We can take care of your van MOT?

Booking your van in for an MOT couldn't be easier.

You can call your nearest branch to book an appointment or if you prefer you can book online using our simple MOT online booking form.

You should always bear in mind that a van MOT does not assess the overall condition of your vehicle.

This is why it also important to keep up to date with your manufacturers recommended service schedule.

Here at Stoneacre, we also offer onsite body repairs and servicing, so we are a fantastic place to bring your van for any aftersales services.

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