Van Leasing at Stoneacre

Large Renault van on a lease parked outside

Largely seen as a commercial vehicle, leasing a van is the most efficient solution to running and maintaining such a vehicle. For businesses, van leasing enables you to keep a fleet of new commercial vehicles, helping keep your operations running smoothly with the most up-to-date automotive technology and the most efficient engines.

Being able to make sure your fleet of vans represent the newest vehicles of their type ensures you can avoid MOTs and reduces the potential of mechanical issues.

Van leasing is also an incredibly straightforward process, and one that you can tailor to your heart’s content thanks to Stoneacre Leasing’s interactive online calculator on each and every van.

How Are Van Lease Deals Structured?

Metal grey electric van on a lease charging batteries

There are three core elements to how van lease deals are structured:

Initial Rental

This represents the up-front payment made at the start of the contract and is typically made up of three, six or nine monthly payments. 

Monthly Payment 

Exactly what it says on the tin; this is the payment you’ll make consecutively for the set amount of months agreed.


This is a combination of the above elements – for example, if the Profile was 3+35, that would mean the Initial Rental would be the equivalent of three monthly payments, then there are 35 monthly payment to make until the contract is finished.

Business Van Lease


Suitable for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies, business van leasing (Business Contract Hire – BCH) stacks up the same as any other lease deal, but with the added benefits of being able to claim back 50% of the VAT on the vehicle costs and all of the VAT on maintenance packages.

Just a couple more things...


Mileage Limit– you’ll agree a mileage limit that is usually presented as Annual Mileage and will add up to a total contract mileage – go over this and charges will be incurred per mile over.


Wear & Tear– damage to the vehicle(s) is allowed up to a point, but anything beyond the wear & tear policy will have to be paid for by those taking out the van lease.

Contract End - leasing a van is perfect for those who want to keep their vehicle or fleet fresh, as at the end of a contract, you can start a new one with a brand new van.

Metal Vauxhall Vivaro van on a lease driving on a road

What’s this about Maintenance Packages?

With leasing - vans included – you can easily enhance your deal by adding a Maintenance Package that can give you both servicing and tyres throughout your time with your van.

This immediately takes out the worry of affording such requirements, with a Maintenance Package broken down into digestible monthly payments, just like you’d be doing with the vehicle itself.

Some packages differ from others, but you’ll be able to tailor one to your needs quite easily. It’s also fair to say that a Maintenance Package favours those doing high mileage when it comes to value, so just make sure it’s worth it when adding everything up.

With Stoneacre Leasing, our interactive calculators allow you to easily see what this cost might be.

Leasing a Van from Stoneacre Leasing

  • Get your Van(s) delivered

    The joy of leasing a van is that, not only can everything be done online or over the phone, but we can arrange for delivery of your vehicle or fleet straight to you.

  • Plenty of models to choose from

    At Stoneacre Leasing, you'll be able to choose from a huge assortment of vehicles from 18 of the world's most renown commercial vehicle manufacturers.

  • Endless amount of van lease deals

    Each van we offer is accompanied by a superb lease deal, but you can make it your own through our interactive calculator that allows you to alter factors such as contract length, initial renal amount and mileage.