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Smart Used Cars

With its distinctive design, the striking Smart Car is as unique as they come. Instantly recognisable, the unique compact micro car is fuel efficient and economic. Plus, with a responsive performance and traffic-beating agility that makes driving and parking easy, it’s the perfect city car.

Incredibly for a car this small, the Smart car is one of the safest vehicles on the road. Developed using a ‘stiff’ design and incorporating advanced crumple-zone technology, the Smart Car keeps its occupants safe by using small crumple zones to create a safety cell upon collision.

Combining these advanced features with eye-catching body shells and fresh interiors has helped Smart Car become the go-to vehicle for young eco-conscious city drivers.

You'll find fantastic prices on all our used Smart Cars, plus part exchange options and finance packages that include 0% finance deals, no deposit options, even bad credit finance if you've had difficulties in the past. Our friendly team is here to help, so get in touch today.

Help maximise your deal on a pre-owned Smart car by part exchanging your outgoing vehicle. Use our free online tool to get a good idea of just how much you could save.

Ex Rental/Lease Cars

A selection of our pre-owned vehicles may have had multi-users previously.