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FAQs - Volvo Estate Cars

  • Which is the largest Volvo estate?
    Volvo V90

    The V90 is the largest estate car in the Volvo range by both length and boot capacity. Measuring just under 5 metres, the V90 offers more space than its V60 counterpart with slightly more head room for the driver and front passenger, and a longer wheel base that accounts for around 65 more litres of luggage space. With the rear seats folded, the Volvo V90 has the capacity to carry around 100 litres more volume than the V60 - roughly one large suitcase or two medium suitcases more.

  • Which is the most economical Volvo estate?
    Volvo Recharge

    Volvo Recharge estates are the most economical models in the range. As plug-in hybrid models they combine the efficiency of a battery-powered electric motor with a petrol engine, allowing the car to run at optimum efficiency more of the time by interchanging between both power sources to drive at slow and faster speeds

    Volvo manufacturer both the V90 and V60 as a Recharge plug-in hybrid model. They each have an all-electric range of 35 miles with a total fuel economy of 100mpg+. This means that the majority of journeys can be driven in all-electric power with the petrol engine only used to full capacity at higher speeds when combustion can be used more efficiently than the electric motor.

  • Which Volvo estate is the fastest?
    Volvo Recharge

    Thanks to instant acceleration delivered through the hybrid powertrain, Volvo Recharge models are the fastest estate cars in the line-up. Volvo Recharge estate cars can hit 60mph in just 5 seconds, with the Polestar Engineered 2.0-litre Recharge models offering top performance with 405bhp and acceleration to 60mph in just 4 seconds.

  • Which Volvo estate has the largest boot?
    Volvo V90

    With a longer wheelbase than the V60 and measuring just under 5m, the V90 has the largest boot capacity of any Volvo. The V90 has long been the model of choice in the Volvo estate line-up for those looking for maximum practicality from an estate car. With the rear seats upright the Volvo V90 can hold upwards of 700 litres of luggage, increasing to more 1500 litres with the rear seats folded flat.

  • Are Volvo estate cars good value?

    Volvo estate cars are exceedingly good models that stand out in the class as premium, executive styled cars design with iconic Scandinavian style. They deliver exceptional performance and economy, with a versatile and practical interior and advanced driving technology that continues to push the boundaries of car safety. While they are a moderately to highly priced estate cars, Volvo estates offer exceptional design, performance and premium comfort that is relatively unrivalled in the class.

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