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Reserve a Used Car for Collection

Reserving a car online with Stoneacre

We are now in a position to accept used car reservations through the Stoneacre website, complete the sale remotely and arrange for collection.

Given the current circumstances, we will ensure all cars arrive fully cleansed and the handover will be completed via social distancing protocols.

We're here to help make this process as easy and as seemless as possible so you can get a new car without any hurdles in these tough times.

Make the enquiry

You'll find the option to reserve a car on all of our available stock - simply fill out the form and click submit. If you need help funding the car, select to say you are interested in financing options.

We'll be in touch

Following your enquiry, we'll be in touch as soon as we can to discuss the car and, if you checked the finance option on the reserve form, that too. We can go through all details you need about the vehicle and also payment options.

Arrange collection

If you're happy with all the details, we'll look to arrange collection for your chosen vehicle. Given the current circumstances, all cars will be thoroughly cleansed, while during handover, we'll be sure to adhere to all social distancing protocols.