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When a lender or broker is considering you for car finance, they need to conduct a background check to ensure that you are eligible. If your history of credit is good, this stage should be a breeze.

Unfortunately, there’s always a flaw to this method. If we conducted a full credit check every time one of our applicants applied for finance, this would show up on their credit reports and would negatively affect their chances of obtaining car finance in the future.

When you initially apply with Stoneacre, you will only receive a free car finance check with a soft search. We check eligibility for car finance through an initial soft search as this doesn't affect your credit score at all. While a hard credit check can affect your credit report, our soft search application ensures that only you see the search and not your potential lenders.

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What is a soft credit search check?

A soft search credit check is certainly the best way for us to qualify you for car credit. It doesn’t show up when lenders view your credit profile, so they won’t be scared away and it enables us to find the most suitable lender for your personal circumstances.

A full credit check, on the other hand, alerts lenders to the fact that you’re actively looking for finance. If several searches pop up on your credit report, then lenders may be reluctant to approve you as they may think that you're looking to take out multiple loans and will view you as more of a risk.

What is a hard credit search check?

A hard credit search leaves a permanent footprint on your credit report, which is visible to lenders. A hard credit check can negatively affect your ability to obtain car finance in the future and multiple hard credit searches can give the impression that you're desperate for credit, causing you to be seen as a risk.

Soft credit checks with Stoneacre

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You might be surprised to find that not many companies provide an initial soft search credit check during the comparison stage - this puts your chances of receiving a successful car finance application at serious risk.

At Stoneacre, we don’t believe you should be penalised for searching around for the best deal. Our initial application is always carried out through a soft search (also known as a quotation search) and a hard search credit check will only be carried once you are happy with the application. This kind of car finance eligibility check does not have a negative effect on your chances and our quick-and-easy application process allows different lenders to offer you the best finance deals.

We believe that a soft search credit check is the best option for our customers. There is no effect on your credit profile and lenders won’t see the multiple applications taken over a short period of time. You can take time to find your perfect car finance package for you. If you borrow money and pay it back, this also makes your credit rating improve, so we offer a range of car finance deals to suit your needs, such as interest-free car finance and car finance deals with insurance.

How do soft search checks help your credit profile?

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We know that it’s important to keep an eye on your credit profile and keep it up to date. So if you have lots of finance applications flagging up on your credit report, this obviously has a negative effect on future lending chances.

For example, if you're unsuccessful when you apply, it can appear that you’re not a reliable candidate for car finance. We think that this is unfair, as you may have been unsuccessful due to the numerous hard credit checks carried out by lenders when they are trying to find the best deal.

At Stoneacre, we perform an initial soft credit check, meaning that you can see if you are eligible for finance without impacting your credit score at all. Our main goal is that you find the best car finance deal to suit your circumstances and we work with a panel of mainstream and alternative lenders in order to achieve this. You have nothing to lose as your credit rating will be left unaffected and just as good as when you started.

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Apply for soft search car finance today!

Applying for soft search car finance couldn’t be easier. Get your initial car finance check free with Stoneacre and it will have no ill effect on your credit score and give us an idea of your eligibility for finance. Only then, if you want to proceed with your application will a hard credit search be undertaken.

There's no need to worry if your financial footprint isn’t the best either; we always take into account your individual circumstances and are adept at helping people with bad credit. Check whether you’re eligible for mainstream car finance today through our quick and easy free car finance checker.

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Representative Example

Cash Price£11,500
47 Monthly payments£219.24
Amount to Finance£11,500
Total Interest Payable£2,459.28
Total Amount Payable£14,757.28
Option fee (Included in TAP)£399
Term48 Months
Rate of Interest (Fixed)4.25%
Miles per Annum6000
Excess Mileage Charge6.0p per mile

We are a credit broker and a lender. We can introduce you to a limited number of lenders and their finance products. We will provide details of products available, but no advice or recommendation will be made. You must decide whether the finance product is right for you. We do not charge you a fee for our services. Lenders may pay commission to us (either a fixed fee or a fixed percentage of the amount you borrow) for introducing you to them, this may be calculated in reference to a variable factor such as (but not limited to) the vehicle age, your credit score and the amount you are borrowing. Different lenders may pay different commissions for such introductions.