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Will my car fail its MOT if the engine management light is on?

My engine management light is on and I have my MOT booked for next week. Will my car fail its MOT if the engine management light is on, or should I have the problem looked at first?

Grace Dawson

Answer from the Stoneacre aftersales team:

Hi Grace, thanks for your question.

Yes, your car will fail its MOT if your Engine Management Light remains on when the engine has been started. Under the new MOT rules, it is now classed as a major fault. 

There are many reasons why your EML might be on, some more straightforward than others. If your light is on constantly, or it's flashing, you should have your car checked at a garage.

If your car is producing more emissions than it should, this could be a problem with the catalytic converter, EGR valve or DPF filter if your car is a diesel. A problem with any of these could cause your Engine Management Light to illuminate.

Hope this has helped you to understand the issue. If you would like to find out more, you should read Engine Management Light (What You Need To Know) or you can book an MOT online.

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