The All-New Fiat E-Ducato

In a bid to help transform the commercial vehicle sector, Fiat’s E-Ducato is a fully-electric vehicle that encompasses the core foundations of the Ducato range – Panel Van, Chassis Cab & People Mover (2021).

With an innovative arrangement of batteries, the E-Ducato is one of the most intelligent vehicles of its type. Meanwhile, further tech allows you to see how the E-Ducato’s power is being used, as well as charging information from the cabin.

In addition, different driving modes can be engaged depending on the type of journey ahead, setting the balance between performance and economy. The vehicle’s brakes also play their part in the E-Ducato’s technology, its E-Braking implementation helping recharge the vehicle’s batteries on the go.

Fiat has given its customers the choice of two configurations when it comes to power:

- A bank of three batteries that offers up to 91 miles of range

- A bank of five batteries that offers up to 148 miles of range

In terms of charging, through a Fast Charge DC outlet, you get up to 80% charge on the three-battery layout in under an hour, while the same charge on the five-battery arrangement can be achieved in just under 1.5 hours.

With E-Coasting and E-Braking, the E-Ducato can save and even create energy. The former happens when the vehicle is slowing down and makes sure the electric motor doesn’t absorb the battery’s current. E-Braking, meanwhile, creates negative torque that feeds energy back into the battery pack.

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