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New Volvo V90 Hybrid Estate

About the New Volvo V90 Recharge

The new Volvo V90 Recharge is a plug-in hybrid, part of the new Volvo hybrid-electric range.

Volvo added the new V90 to its line of new hybrid electrics with a plan to be carbon-neutral by 2040. As such, the new V90 Plug-in Hybrid is petrol-powered and supported by a high-voltage battery.

As an estate car, you’d expect plenty of room in the boot for storage, and the new V90 Hybrid delivers. The cargo capacity for the vehicle is 551 litres and maxes out at 1,517 litres with the seats down, making the V90 Recharge Hybrid an all-round performer for an executive or family lifestyle.

It is one of two Volvo estate cars and noticeably the longer model compared to the Volvo V60 (and V60 Recharge). The new Volvo V90 Plug-in Hybrid is currently available in two trims: the Volvo V90 Recharge Plus (with Bright or Dark styling) and the Volvo V90 Recharge Ultimate.

You can browse our range of new Recharge models today, or book a test drive at your local Stoneacre Volvo showroom.

New Volvo V90 Hybrid Boot Space

Finance a New Volvo V90 Recharge

At Stoneacre, we have a range of new Volvo V90 Hybrid car finance deals, including Personal Contract Purchase, our most popular form of car finance.

Not only will it offer lower monthly payments, but it is ideal if you want the flexibility to buy, return, or part-exchange your car over time.

If you have specific requirements, we can tailor a finance deal to fit your needs; just let us know your deposit and term.

We can even offer no-deposit deals to help you spread your costs even further.

We have a handy part-exchange programme where you can trade in your old car for a cut-off price.

Our team will value your car, and you can contribute its worth towards a new car cost or deposit. We offer valuations online and in-store, so check out the car and see our new Volvo V90 Hybrid offers.

New Volvo V90 Recharge Hybrid

New Volvo V90 Recharge Performance and Hybrid Technology

The new Volvo V90 Plug-in Hybrid for sale has two exclusive trims: the new V90 Recharge Plus and Ultimate.

Whatever model you choose, each option comes with a T6 AWD plug-in hybrid powertrain.

The Volvo V90 Recharge Plus has a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine with a plug-in hybrid system powered by a Lithium-ion battery. The car can hold up to 60 litres and provides up to 350bhp.

The Volvo V90 Recharge Ultimate also offers increased acceleration, power and torque. The new V90 can hit 112mph and reach 0-62mph in 5.0sec.

It is designed for optimal performance whilst striking a balance between power and economy; it can run long distances on electric-only power.

You can find the new Volvo V90 PHEV for sale with a pure-electric range of 62 miles. The new V90 PHEV can recharge with a Type 2 Connector, a charger that conveniently comes with the vehicle.