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About the New Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid

About the New Hyundai SANTA FE Hybrid

Hyundai’s original SUV, SANTA FE, first reached the market in the early millennium. Since then, it has embraced some major upgrades and new generations have slowly introduced more features that are technical. Our latest collection includes both Hyundai SANTA FE Plug-in Hybrids and Hyundai SANTA FE Self-charging Hybrids.

Hyundai’s self-charging hybrid has been built with Hybrid at the forefront of its design. The whole car builds on an entirely new platform, allowing the battery to sit snug beneath the passenger’s seats, not compromising on cabin space or luggage space.


Stoneacre has a number of Hyundai dealerships located across the UK. We stock some of the latest UK models, including the new Hyundai SANTA FE Hybrid for sale. To browse the latest SANTA FE models, or ask some questions about buying a new Hyundai Hybrid, contact your nearest Hyundai dealership using our branch locator. We would be happy for you to pay us a visit.

New Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid Finance Deals

New Hyundai SANTA FE Hybrid Finance

A variety of financing options are available from Stoneacre to help you keep the price of your new SANTA FE Hybrid as low as possible. To reduce your monthly payments, our financing options can be tailored to your requirements and spending capacity.

Our selection of Hyundai SANTA FE Hybrid vehicles, which are up to date in terms of generational design, are available for test drives. We can help you locate a new car offer that satisfies your needs and budget.

Through Stoneacre, there is also a part-exchange programme that enables you to trade in your old vehicle in exchange for credit toward a new one. Use our free online car valuation tool to use the proceeds from the sale of your old vehicle as a down payment for a new SANTA FE Hybrid.

With a personalised loan option from Stoneacre, you may spread out the expense of a brand-new Hyundai SANTA FE Hybrid. Because of our lender network, we are able to work with a variety of customers, so we can offer you a great deal on a new SANTA FE Hybrid that will fit your budget.

Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid Design & Practicality

Hyundai SANTA FE Hybrid Design & Practicality

Built to be large and encompassing, the new Hyundai Hybrid SUV has a steel-strengthened form and muscular body appearance. The SANTA FE Hybrid has a front-centre stylish grille, with cascading patterns that are eye-catching and enviable.

The new SANTA FE lights the way – literally – with T-shaped bright LEDs, that work as Daytime Running Lights. The SANTA FE also has smart high beam assist headlights and dynamic bending headlights to make your journey safer for you and others.

On the inside, the SANTA FE Hybrid is spacious and comfortable. The cabin can seat either five or seven people. To allow easy access to the rear, Hyundai has some practical adjustments. For example, the SANTA FE 7-seater has a second row with 60/40 slide/recline seats. This makes for an easy way for family passengers to get into the space. The extra row of passengers to its original five has a half-and-half split-folding rear seat, to increase space in the boot if needed.