Motability Car Prices 2021

*Motability car prices for July - Sept 2021

latest motability prices at stoneacre

About Motability Prices

Every quarter the Motability scheme renegotiate their prices with car manufacturers. They also add and remove cars to the scheme every three months to offer a different choice of cars that are available at new prices.

Motability offer three pricing options for their cars:

  • cars that cost less than a mobility allowance
  • cars that cost all of a mobility allowance
  • cars that cost more than a mobility allowance

For cars that cost more than your allowances, they will be listed with an advanced payment, which is a cash payment that must me made when you order the car. An advance payment is non-refundable and makes up the difference between the cost of the car and your allowances. Alternatively, some cars will cost less than or all of your allowances. For these vehicles you won't need to make an advanced payment to order the car and you may still receive part of your allowance if the weekly car rental is less than the money you receive.

The latest prices for the Motability scheme will run from July 1st to September 31st. Remember, the price listed for a Motability car includes road tax, servicing and maintenance, insurance, RAC roadside assistance, tyre replacement and full windscreen cover for the entirety of the 3 year lease.

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