How Much is an Electric Vehicle?


Electric vehicles are gaining popularity all over the world. One of the biggest reasons people are switching to EVs is climate change. If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly car, electric vehicles are a great choice.

Just like internal combustion engine cars, the cost of an EV car itself can vary. It can depend on the type of car, the size of battery and the range it offers, the make, specification, and any optional extras you choose. However, the overall cost of EVs is gradually falling. 

Currently, a Government Grant is still available, offering up to £2,500 towards a brand new EV to help reduce the cost to motorists. Plus, as technology continues to improve and uptake of EVs increases, the cost of EVs will fall in line with internal combustion engine cars. 

While Internal combustion engines use fuel, electric automobiles use – you guessed it - electricity. Running an electric vehicle can cost significantly less than a typical ICE model due largely to the reduced cost of ‘fuel’.

You can also get a substantial financial support towards setting up your home for charging, helping you obtain the correct equipment for a lot less than it would. Charging your vehicle at home will work the same way as it would charging your phone, in terms of cost, as it will be billed just the same way.

Costs of maintaining an EV, meanwhile, is very simple and can be very affordable given that EVs have far fewer moving parts than a conventional vehicle.