How Long Does the Charge Last on an Electric Vehicle?


On average most EVs are now capable of around 170 miles. However, a lot depends on the battery capacity and the material used to make the battery.

The battery is also more likely to drain quickly under certain conditions. For example, the cold can affect battery power, and this can reduce the car’s range. The other problem in cold weather is that having ancillary functions like the heating switched on, can also drain the battery quicker.

To resolve this issue, many EVs offer an app enabling remote control of some functions. So you can effectively warm up the car remotely while it is still charging, which saves valuable energy for your commute.

Like in ICE models, the way you drive also plays a part in how far you will get on a single charge. Smooth acceleration and careful braking will help you preserve more energy, while hard acceleration will reduce your available range.

In recent years, there have been improvements to battery range, making EVs a more realistic prospect for UK motorists.