COVID-19 Safety Practices at Stoneacre

We have put numerous procedures and practices into place to help ensure the safety of both our staff and customers, ranging from social distancing protocols to checking our staff for symptoms.

Social Distancing


- Dealerships are clearly marked with 2m spacing and where possible a one-way system is in place

- Customer waiting areas are set up adhering to the 2m spacing


- Sneeze guards are in place for all customer facing desks

- No contact policy in place and technicians don’t carry out road tests with customers

- All staff adhere to social distancing during and excluding working hours



- Hand washing facilities (soap & water) in place

- Hand sanitizer stations in place for use by anyone on site

- Courtesy cars are to be sanitised before handing over to customers on return


- Keys will be sanitised before and after use, telephones are regularly sanitised

- A recorded rota for surface cleaning, including kitchens and toilets has been implemented



- PPE is available for staff including gloves, masks and sneeze guards

Control the virus


- Staff temperatures to taken on arrival to workplace and recorded and will be sent to HR with the attendance register

- Staff displaying signs of symptoms of Covid-19 must self-isolate in line with current government guidelines