Stoneacre Complaints Procedure

Stoneacre Motor Group - Customer Relations Handling Policy

Stoneacre Motor Group recognises that customer concerns offer us as a business the opportunity to correct problems.

In addition, they frequently provide us with constructive ideas for improving the customer experience, adapting our marketing practices, upgrading services, or modifying promotional materials.

We understand that, however comprehensive our customer commitment and support packages are, that from time to time, with the very mechanical nature of cars, that unavoidable problems will arise, that rightly leads to consumer complaints. However, learning to recover and address any issues can transform potentially angry or dissatisfied customers into loyal ones.

Analysing our complaints and complaint trends informs Stoneacre Motor Group how we can do our job better by alerting management to the problems that need our prompt attention and correction. Furthermore, they provide long-range opportunities for product innovation and problem prevention.

Stoneacre Motor Groups Complaints and Consumer Support Policy has been formulated in conjunction with Doncaster Trading Standards Service and forms part of our Assured Trader Scheme, the Complaints Policy has been designed to provide consumers with confidence with our advertising, sales, servicing and after-sales processes and provides a guarantee to our customers that Stoneacre Motor Group operates to the highest levels of legal compliance in relation to trading standards legislation and customer services.

How to make your complaint

In the first instance please contact either the person with whom you have been dealing with or the General Manager of the dealership. You can do this by either telephoning, writing or by email (contact details are provided below)

You may also choose to contact the Stoneacre Customer Relations Team directly. However, we would suggest in the majority of circumstances your complaint can be easily resolved at the dealership level.


A record of the nature of your complaint will be made, including contact details. Where possible, the person you have been dealing with or the General Manager will take steps to resolve your complaint (Depending on the nature of the complaint, it is not always possible for the person you have been dealing with or the General Manager to be in a position to resolve your complaint).

After a period of no longer than 48 hours after the receipt of your complaint, if your complaint has not been resolved you will be contacted and advised that the complaint has been unable to be resolved and that it is being referred to the Stoneacre Customer Relations Team.

After referral to the Stoneacre Customer Relations Team the representative will have a period of eight weeks to work with you to endeavour to resolve your complaint satisfactorily.

The Customer Relations team have a maximum of eight weeks to resolve your complaint, but will endeavour to reach agreement with you as soon as possible. If it becomes apparent that an agreement will not be reached or the eight weeks has lapsed and your complaint remains unresolved, a representative of the team will contact you to advise you that this is the case. It may be that in certain circumstances, with your agreement, that the complaint may still easily be resolved but that the resolution cannot be achieved within the time limit. If this is the case and you are agreeable the Customer Relations Team will advise you in writing of a date before which your complaint will be resolved.

Where after the eight weeks following the referral of your complaint to the Customer Relations Team or if it becomes apparent that an agreement will not be reached and your complaint remains unresolved and no agreement on a resolution and time scale have been agreed, the Customer Relations Team will provide you with details of how you may refer your complaint to Doncaster Trading Standards Service for adjudication.

Stoneacre Motor Group provides Alternative Dispute Resolution in conjunction with South Yorkshire Trading Standards Services who are accredited by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute under The Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015.

On receipt of the complaint referral to Doncaster Trading Standards an impartial investigation will be conducted to consider any relevant evidence provided by either the consumer or the Customer Relations Team. Under certain circumstances the investigating officer may require the provision of additional information and hold discussions with either party. Where no resolution has been reached within a period of 7 days the investigating officer will make written recommendations, details of which will be provided to both parties.

Any recommendation will be binding on Stoneacre Motor Group but will not preclude the consumer from seeking redress or satisfaction through the courts.

Consumers may at any time seek advice from any third party including by contacting the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on:

08454 04 05 06