Stoneacre CCTV Policy

1.0 Background

1.1 Decidebloom Ltd and subsidiaries, use closed circuit television (CCTV) images for the prevention, identification, reduction of crime and monitor the buildings in order to provide a safe and secure environment for all staff and visitors, and to prevent the loss or damage to the property.

1.2 CCTV surveillance on the premises is intended for the purposes of:

•   Protecting the buildings and assets both during and after opening hours.

•   Promoting the health and safety of staff, visitors and customers.

•   Reducing the incidence of crime and anti –social behaviour (including theft and vandalism).

•   Supporting all police in a bid to deter crime.

•   Assisting in identifying, apprehending and prosecuting offenders, and ensuring all company rules and guidelines are respected so the sites can be properly managed.

1.3 The system comprises of CCTV cameras at Head Office and on all group sites.

1.4 The CCTV system is maintained and installed by NX1 in Doncaster for all sites from Harrogate down to the south. All Northern sites are installed by Protector Group.

1.5 The CCTV monitors are located in each site (usually located in the sales manager’s office).

The system is monitored by site staff during normal opening hours and by East Midlands Central Station for sites from Harrogate down to the most southerly site and by Protector Group for all northern sites. If an alarm is triggered after opening hours, then either East Midlands Central Station or Protector group (depending on location of site) will notify the key holder of the relevant site, and if required the key holder will notify the police. The central contact for all CCTV is the Group Facilities Manager located in Head Office at Thorne.

1.6 The CCTV system is registered with the Information Commissioner under the terms of the Data Protection Act. This policy outlines the Group’s use of CCTV and how it complies with the act, and ensures it is used responsibly.

1.7 All authorised employees with access to images are aware of the procedures that need to be followed when accessing the recorded images. All employees are aware of the restrictions in relation to access requests and disclosure of recorded images.

1.8 The use of the CCTV system will be conducted in a professional, ethical and legal manner and will not be used for monitoring employee performance.

1.9 Justification for use of CCTV - The use of CCTV to control the perimeter of the group sites and Head Office has been deemed to be justified by the Group’s Directors. The system is intended to capture images of intruders or individuals damaging property or removing goods without authorisation or of anti-social behaviour.

2.0 Data Protection Impact

2.1 Where new or existing cameras are to be installed or are in operation the Group will endeavour to carry out a full risk assessment relating to the maintenance or installation of such equipment.

2.2 Location of cameras – Cameras will be sited so they only capture images relevant to the purposes for which they are installed and care will be taken to ensure that reasonable privacy expectations are not violated. The group will carefully consider and make every effort to ensure the position of the cameras are positioned in such a way as to prevent or minimise recording of another person’s private property.

2.3 Cameras placed are to record external areas are positioned in such a way to minimise recording of passers-by.

2.4 CCTV Video monitoring and recording of areas may include;

•   Protection of Buildings and property – The buildings perimeters, entrances and exits

•   Vehicles for sale and customer vehicles on premises

•   Car parks of such properties

•   Criminal investigation (carried out by police) Robbery, burglary, damage and theft surveillance

2.5 A copy of this CCTV policy will be provided on request to all staff and appropriate authorities.

3.0 Storage, Retention & Access

3.1 The images captured by the CCTV system will be retained for a maximum of 60 days, except where the image identifies an issue and is retained specifically in the context of an investigation/prosecution of that issue.

3.2 The images/recordings will be stored in a secure environment.

3.3 Access will be restricted to authorised personnel.

3.4 Files/tapes/DVDs will be stored securely in a restricted area.

3.5 In relevant circumstances, CCTV footage may be accessed:

•   By the police where Decidebloom Ltd, or its subsidiary companies are required by law to make a report regarding the commission of a suspected crime.

•   Following a request by police when a crime or suspected crime has taken place and/or when it is suspected that illegal/anti-social behaviour is taking place on a Decidebloom property or any of its subsidiary companies.

•   To data subjects (or their legal representatives), pursuant to a subject access request or to individuals (or their legal representatives) subject to a court order.

•   To the insurance company of Decidebloom Ltd or its subsidiaries, where required in order to pursue a claim for damage done to the insured property.

3.6 Individuals have the right to request access to CCTV footage relating to themselves under the Data Protection Act. Individuals will be asked to provide sufficient information to enable footage relating to them to be identified for example date, time and location.

3.7 A record of the date of the disclosure of an access request will be made and responded to within 30 calendar days in line with Decidebloom Ltd and subsidiary companies, right of access policy.

3.8 Decidebloom Ltd and subsidiary companies, reserves the right to refuse access to CCTV footage where this would prejudice the legal rights of other individuals or jeopardise an on-going investigation.

3.9 Where footage contains images relating to 3rd parties, Decidebloom Ltd and subsidiary companies, will take appropriate steps to mask and protect the identities of those individuals.

4.0 Complaints

4.1 Complaints and enquiries about the operation of CCTV within Decidebloom ltd and subsidiary companies, should be directed to Craig Wilson, Customer relations Manager.

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