Nissan Service Plans

Professional Servicing & Maintenance

A Nissan service plan is a schedule of routine servicing and maintenance for your Nissan car that covers the minimum service requirements of your car. It's a convenient way to make sure your car is serviced by professional Nissan technicians and in accordance with its recommended service schedule.

Approved servicing is necessary to maintain the performance, fuel efficiency of your car, as well as maximise its resale value too with a full service history. All work is carried out at a recognised Nissan service centre using approved equipment and genuine parts to protect any warranty.

Nissan service plans are the most affordable way to cover the cost of servicing your car. You can choose to pay off the value in your plan in a single upfront payment or spread the cost across fixed-rate monthly instalments.

Purchase a Nissan Service Plan

Benefits of a Nissan Service Plan

Approved Servicing

Guarantee your car is serviced by professional Nissan technicians using genuine parts

Fixed Price Servicing

You'll know exactly what you'll have to pay with all prices fixed from day 1

Nissan Assistance

24/7 breakdown cover from Nissan available in 40 European countries

Added Value

Your service plan is transferable to the next owner if you sell your Nissan

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