Honda Service Plans

Affordable, expert servicing

With a tailored Honda service plan at Stoneacre you can manage the service requirements of your car with a custom-made plan that includes scheduled servicing and tailored payment options. It's the easiest and most convenient way to manage the cost of servicing while meeting the service requirements of your car.

Our Honda service plans are planned around the needs of your vehicle and can also be tailored to suit you and your budget. You can choose how long you would like your service plan to last and decide how you would like to pay too, with options to pay in full or opt for an interest-free monthly instalment plan.

Benefits of a Honda Service Plan

All servicing included in your Honda service plan will be carried out at an authorised Honda service centre. This ensures the best pairs of hands will be servicing your car, with all servicing completed by quality-assured Honda technicians using approved parts and equipment.

Servicing will be tailored to the individual needs of your vehicle and will be carried out in accordance with the any active warranties. This will meet the recommended service requirements of your car in keeping with the manufacturer service schedule, helping maintain the safety and performance of your Honda vehicle while maximising its resale value.

Create a Honda service plan

Build your own Honda service plan that's tailored to suit you, your vehicle and your budget!

  • How much does a Honda service plan cost?

    Our Honda service plans are designed around your vehicle and are flexible to suit your budget. The cost of your plan will ultimately depend on how long you choose it to last, as servicing is scheduled based on the recommended Honda service intervals of 12 months or 12,5000 miles.

    You can find all the latest Honda service plan prices at Stoneacre using your vehicle details and choose how long you would like your plan to last. You'll then have too options to pay. Either pay in full at the time of booking or opt for the convenient monthly instalment plan that spreads the cost of the plan across fixed-rate, interest-free monthly instalments.

  • What's included in a Honda service plan

    Your service plan will include a schedule of servicing based on the recommended service requirements of your. Servicing will be scheduled every 12,500 miles or every 12 months, which ever comes first. Each service will include a series of checks tailored to the needs of the vehicle based on its age and mileage, as well as routine part replacements scheduled at certain intervals of time or mileage.

  • How long will my Honda service plan last?

    When creating your Honda service plan, you can choose how long you would like the plan to last. Servicing is scheduled every 12 months so your plan will last a number of years and typically last anywhere between 1 - 5.

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