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Dacia Maintenance & Repairs

Dacia is all about providing outstanding value and this doesn't stop with their cars. Our Dacia service centres are available for approved maintenance and car repairs for your Dacia with a range of maintenance offers available to help you take the best car of your Dacia car.

Whether you require scheduled maintenance or servicing, routine part replacements or car repairs, our professional Dacia technicians are ready and waiting to provide expert maintenance and repairs for your car. All work carried out at our Dacia service centres is quality-assured and our technicians will always use genuine Dacia parts and the latest diagnostic equipment for all maintenance.

For added peace of mind all parts and labour come with a 12 month warranty and you can choose from a range of interest-free finance plans to manage the cost of maintenance too. Thanks to our transparent pricing and fixed-prices on a range of parts, you'll know exactly what you'll pay with no hidden fees.

Available Maintenance & Repairs

Air Conditioning Service

Unpleasant smalls, aggravated allergies and your windscreen not demisting are all signs of a faulty air conditioning system. Air conditioning should be serviced every 2 years to maintain the cleanliness and power in the system. An air con service includes a full re-gas and bacterial cleanse.

Brake Fluid Change

Brake fluid is a liquid that provides hydraulic pressure to the brake when you press the brake pedal. It's essential to a functioning brake system but it can overtime become contaminated with water that will corrode the brake disc. Brake fluid should be checked every year and replaced if the corrosive inhibitors have depleted.

Brakes Service

Longing stopping distances and brake pedal vibrations are two signs of faulty brakes. Dacia recommend you check your brakes every 2 years or at least every 12,000 miles to identify potential issues with your brake pads and/or brake discs. (Front brake pads from £89, Front brake pads & disc from £199)

Cambelt Replacement

The cambelt, or timing belt, synchronises the rotation of engine parts. It's recommended a cambelt is replaced after 70,000 miles or every 5 years, but should be checked regularly as signs of wear and tear can be hard to notice.


The annual MOT test certifies the safety of your car against legal standards. Who's better to test your Dacia car than a professional Dacia technician? Our technicians know your model better than anyone and can guarantee a comprehensive safety and environment assessment of your Dacia model. Book your MOT with any service for a discounted £40.


You can book your Dacia car in at a service centre for a free tyre check to assess the condition and suitability of your tyres. We'll check the tyre tread doesn't exceed the legal 1.6mm limit or the recommended 3mm limit, as well check the dimensions, load capacity and speed ratings are all suitable for your car.

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