Car Paint Protection

Peugeot e-2008 Paintwork

What is car paint protection?

Your car’s paintwork can susceptible to damage from a number of different sources. This can include anything from traffic film to varying weather conditions such as UV rays, winter cold, acid rain, and other atmospheric pollutants. All of which cause oxidation that can degrade the paintwork quality over time, resulting in paintwork fade and loss of the car's original lustre.

Your paintwork is also vulnerable to other things that can come into close contact with your cars, such as fuel and road salts. These can dull and abrade the paintwork, making the damage even more noticeable. New car paint protection is one very suitable solution to this problem.

Car paintwork protection is an application that works as a protective film and can prevent the defacement of your new car’s paintwork. Car paint protection is effectively an extra coating, which seals in the paintwork of your vehicle and can help to prevent your car’s paint fading, as well as protecting it against minor degradation marks.

It is important to remember, however, that your car paint protection film will not protect your paintwork against scrapes, scratches, or car stone chip protection.

SEAT Leon Paintwork

Paint protection for cars – is it worth it?

A paint protection film for cars is certainly beneficial; it preserves the glossy outside exterior that comes with brand new models. Many customers choose to use a car paint protection coating when they are buying a new vehicle because they want to keep it looking in the best possible condition.

Despite this, many paint protection car products are also available for used cars, as they are a cost-effective way to increase the longevity of your car’s exterior. Having the car paint protection film professionally applied to your car can ensure that you never need to polish your car, ever again. Over time, car paint protection can stop the paintwork from deteriorating and make your car look less worn and neglected.

The process of applying a car paint treatment occurs in two stages. The first involves cleansing and filling in any existing pores within the car’s paintwork, to leave a smooth finish.

After this, our technicians will apply a high-quality protective paint coating, which bonds with the products used in stage one to form a protective film that has a levelled, lustrous finish. At Stoneacre, we use Jewelultra Diamondbrite paint protection as our primary car product.

Nissan Qashqai Paintwork

Car Paint Protection at Stoneacre

At Stoneacre, we use Diamondbrite paint protection (manufactured by Jewelultra). Diamondbrite is one of the best car paint protection products on the market, as shown by independent tests.

Jewelultra produces Diamondbrite with rock oils that create a tougher, more durable glaze than other products. Jewelultra Diamondbrite is made to the highest possible standards, so you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality paint protection product via Stoneacre.

Not only this, but we expertly train our car technicians to apply the correct application procedure, which ensures a high-quality finish for your car.

Jewelultra offers its own “Jewelultra Diamondbrite guarantee”. This lifetime ownership guarantee ensures that your car paint protection treatment is covered for colour fade, climatically induced cracks to the paintwork, permanent stains received from everyday liquids, and discolouration caused by insect fluids and bird droppings.

(To qualify for this, you need to wash the bugs and/or droppings off your car, within seven days).

Find out more about Car Paint Protection

You can find out more about car paint protection by contacting your local Stoneacre dealership. Contact us today, and our friendly Stoneacre team will be able to help you.

So whether you’re looking for a car paint treatment on your new or used car, then Stoneacre has some great paint protection deals on offer. Make sure you ask about paint protection for your car at a Stoneacre dealership. Find your nearest dealership below.