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Car Finance Deals

So, you’ve found your dream car but you’re feeling just a little unsure about which car finance deal is best for you?

With Stoneacre, you’ll find a selection of the best car finance deals, but it’s still worth pausing to consider your options and how they work before rushing headlong into a barrage of numbers and percentages.

To help you compare the car finance options and work out what’s best, here are three of the most popular deals explained.

Car finance types

Personal Contract Purchase

Perhaps one of the most popular types of car finance deals, Personal Contract Purchase is also the most flexible, giving you several options come the end of the contract. Just keep in mind regarding mileage limits, and even potential charges for damage.

Hire Purchase

Of the main choices of car finance deals available, Hire Purchase is the traditional option. Although not as flexible as a PCP deal, Hire Purchase does guarantee ownership of the car at the end of the finance agreement, and you don't have to worry about mileage.

Personal Contract Hire

If you’ve no interest in owning your next car, then Personal Contract Hire might be the best car finance option for you. It’s also a suitable car finance deal if you don’t want to worry about depreciation or interest costs.

No Deposit Deals

Our panel of lenders are able to offer no deposit car finance deals for customers who don’t want, or are unable to put down a large deposit on their car. These deals are available across a range of finance packages, including HP, PCP and PCH.

0% Car Finance

If you're looking for a 0% deal, then you'll be glad to know many of our cars are available on interest-free packages. Our manufacturers offer such deals all the time, while most of our used stock can also be obtained through 0% finance.

Bad Credit Car Finance

We specialise in helping customers looking for bad credit car finance solutions and have a 2/3 approval rate. At Stoneacre, we consider all circumstances and care more about your financial situation today and whether or not you can afford your monthly payments. Not just your credit score.

There’s no harm in making an application as we use a soft search during the early stage, meaning you get an idea of your eligibility without it negatively impacting your credit profile.

Finance Disclosure

For the purpose of this promotion Stoneacre is not acting as a lender but as an independent credit broker working with a panel of lenders. A list of these lenders is available upon request. Stoneacre do not charge a fee for an introduction to a finance provider, however, we may or may not receive a commission.

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